Who We Are

We provide a full range of services through our consumer brands, the market leaders in credit report repair.

Lexington Law

As a leading consumer advocacy law firm, Lexington Law has helped hundreds of thousands of clients take action on their credit since 1991. The firm constitutes the largest network of credit repair professionals within the United States.

Consumer protection statutes guard against unfair and inaccurate credit reporting, and Lexington Law is ready to leverage those to its strategic advantage. As the leading law firm in credit report repair, Lexington Law assists its clients in the removal of over a thousand questionable credit report items every single day.

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Credit Repair

Creditrepair.com isn't just a name; it's the most recognized name in the industry. It's a process it has developed, refined, and proven over 15 years and with thousands of members who've improved their lives as a result. CreditRepair.com puts industry-leading experience and technology to work, providing its members with in-depth online services, mobile apps, and a team of consumer credit experts who help them every step of the way.

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We're your credit advocate, resource, and guide. But first, we're listeners. We listen to questions about how a 30-day late payment on a credit card might affect your ability to finance a house. Or about how a low credit score might deny you a credit card or a college loan. Or how to best restructure debt in the face of rising healthcare costs. All the questions are equally as important and are, really, about managing credit wisely so you can make ends meet.

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Efolks is a consumer credit lead collection, distribution, and monetization network. Working together as a team, they take pride in developing lasting relationships. Most of all, they are passionate about people and helping connect the ones that you want to talk to. They help deliver your brand message confidently with the ROI to prove it.