Who We Are

Today, Progrexion comprises the nation's largest consumer advocacy network focusing its efforts on improving the financial lives of consumers throughout the nation.

For almost twenty years, Progrexion and its consumer brands have helped safeguard our clients' credit reports and their financial dreams


As savvy consumers began searching the Internet in the 1990's for information on improving their credit, online communities emerged where many consumers expressed frustration with the complexities of resolving such issues. The founders of Progrexion were deeply involved in these communities and recognized the need for simple, effective credit repair services.

Consumers quickly embraced Progrexion's expertise, and our consumer brands have grown exponentially as a direct result. During the past two decades, Progrexion has kept pace with an ever-expanding demand for services. Today, Progrexion and its consumer brands employ more than 1,500 in five locations and is one of the largest customer acquisition providers in the consumer credit category.

Blazing Forward

In 2010, private equity firm H.I.G. added Progrexion to its portfolio of companies.

H.I.G.'s focus on growth has allowed Progrexion to expand the reach of its marketing efforts and deepen its service delivery capabilities.

Our Commitment

Whether you're a client, a marketing partner or affiliate, or an employee, we live by a mantra that embodies our commitment to you,

"Our job is: your success."