Who We Are

We come from different paths.
But we're all headed for something greater.

Employer of Choice

As the nationally respected market leader in credit repair, Progrexion and its consumer brands provide services to hundreds of thousands clients and employ more than 1,500 employees. Perhaps even more importantly, Progrexion's concern and care for its employees is unmatched. The firm's hiring and retention philosophy is simple: Hire for the long-term, and ensure that each employee has the necessary tools for reaching and exceeding his or her full potential. Our core philosophy that success can be attributed to the team's efforts, and is theirs to share, allows Progrexion to be an employer of choice.

Community Giving Program Mission:

Progrexion and its leading consumer brands, Lexington Law, CreditRepair.com, and eFolks, exemplify the belief that we are all stronger when we improve our community's health and livability. Toward that end, we believe that our Community Giving Program directly links our own success as market leaders with the well-being of the communities in which we live and work. Our programs empower our employees, connect individuals, and create results that are impactful and long-lasting. In that regard, we continue to be an active and visible force for fundamentally bettering our world.

The list continues to grow. Here are a few programs we support:

Utah Food Bank

Utah Food Bank. Founded in 1904, the Utah Food Bank has been operating to promote the general welfare of the needy for over 100 years. 1 in 6 Utahn's, and 1 in 5 Utah children are unsure of where their next meal will come from. The Utah Food Bank offers several after school and food box programs to help support their belief that no child should go without.

Camp K

Camp K. Since 1967 the Kostopulos Dream Foundation has been dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the medium of recreation and leisure education. Their longest running program, Camp Kostopulos, is a residential summer camp where kids, teens, and adults with disabilities are able to choose from two options a five day residential camp or travel trips.

The Road Home

The Road Home. The Road Home provides emergency shelter and a variety of programs that help individuals and families step out of homelessness & back into our community. The road home has helped over 1,000 families move out of shelter and back into housing.


YWCA. Over 230 associations strong across the country and serve over two million people each year. YWCA's offer programming in key areas such as racial justice, economic empowerment, domestic violence and violence against women, child care and military and veteran programs.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society. 100 years ago, the American Cancer Society started the fight of a lifetime to make this cancer's last century. More than one million people in the US get cancer each year and research is at the heart of their mission. Finding answers and saving lives - from changes in lifestyle to new approaches in therapies - no other organization has invested more to find the causes and cures of cancer.

Candy Cane Corner

Candy Cane Corner. A holiday store that provides a dignified and empowering opportunity for low-income families and individuals who are participating in programs at the YWCA of Salt Lake, The Road Home, and Volunteers of America, Utah to select new holiday gifts for their families.

Photo Gallery of our Outreach Projects