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Through its leading consumer brands, Progrexion empowers clients to positively influence their own credit scores and to confront their questionable credit reports, tasks that can otherwise be intimidating, unnecessarily mysterious, and entirely frustrating.

And although do-it-yourself credit repair is certainly possible, it requires taking the time to learn about applicable consumer protection statutes and to "unlearn" a number of pervasive myths about credit. In that regard, most consumers today don't understand how to begin and wouldn't have enough time to devote to the matter even if they did. That's where we excel.

  • We explain the credit reporting process in a way that's understandable and personalized to a client's life circumstance
  • We emphasize responsible credit use, highlighting credit scoring factors that are within the client's control, and empowering them to become personally accountable regarding such scores
  • We make it easy to access, monitor, and protect consumer files
  • We help leverage applicable consumer protection laws to ensure that credit report data is fairly reported, 100% accurate, and thoroughly substantiated
  • We provide dynamic, patent-pending processes and tools that assist consumers in achieving all of these aims

Finally, Progrexion's credit repair programs are designed to be affordable. Our company was founded by consumers who had experience navigating a system that so often favored corporate, rather than consumer, interests. Some two decades later, that personal commitment and passion remains.