What We Do

How It Works

We provide consumers with the tools, knowledge, information, and encouragement to make the process manageable.

Education: We emphasize the importance of making on-time payments and otherwise building a positive credit history, the responsible use of credit and need for realistic budgeting, and the benefit of developing a financial strategy to guide a lifetime of good credit decisions.

Obtain credit reports: During enrollment, clients are assisted in acquiring their three credit reports.

Intake and triage: Following an initial case intake, conducted both on the phone and online, we analyze a client's credit reports, matching credit listings to appropriate challenges, information requests, disputes, and other applicable interventions. Known factors that impact credit scores are used to prepare the client's case plan.

Work begins: Once a round of communications is prepared and dispatched to creditors and credit bureaus, the client's personalized "client site dashboard" is updated to reflect case progress. Billing occurs only after work is completed, and clients may quit anytime.

Ongoing monitoring and follow-through: Monthly credit score education and analysis, ReportWatch credit monitoring, and additional creditor and credit bureau communications are provided during each period of service as applicable to a particular client's case and circumstance.