Technology in the service of business.

Creating innovative software solutions requires innovative software developers and engineers. Fortunately for our clients, we have technological leadership with a firm understanding of their industry-specific challenges and fresh ideas about how technology can improve their competitive advantage.

Software Development

Our clients have highly specialized businesses. Off-the-shelf software won't get the job done. Because we specialize in software development specifically for our credit repair clients we understand how their business works, what their core needs are, and how to develop customized software to meet those needs. Our proprietary marketing systems software offers forward-thinking solutions that can help our clients now and for years to come.


Our goal is to shorten the development lifecycle as much as possible without sacrificing quality, so we can share new ideas and solutions with our clients quickly. We also constantly refine and update our software so it stays current with the fast-changing credit repair industry. For burgeoning products, we have a streamlined development cycle that gives developers more freedom, speed, and flexibility, and gets ideas into beta testing faster. When a new product shows promise, we send it through the core development process to ensure stability, scalability, and sustainability.


For a company to be stable and secure, its infrastructure must also be stable and secure. To achieve that, we've built an internal cloud for secure data built on large, high-quality servers. This approach lets us offer our clients a host of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, the ability to deploy multiple options, and easier, more efficient administration. It also provides decreased redundancy for less downtime.


Every moment that lines in a call center are down, it's money down the drain. Our telecom experts stay ahead of the curve, minimizing downtime by anticipating and proactively addressing potential technical issues. Moreover, we integrate our technology with out telecom systems to streamline the sales process and gather valuable information. Our inbound call-center technology and outbound dialer technology make it possible to generate and process leads as efficiently as possible.

Data Analytics

It is hard to overstate the value of accurate data analytics. Our work constantly generates enormous quantities of data from a wide range of sources, but we recognize that quantity is not the same as quality. Our dedicated data warehousing and data analytics teams gather the data from each of these sources. We then upload it to a powerful data analytics portal that aggregates and analyzes the data, making it accessible and extremely useful. Through this process, we provide accurate, meaningful data for our clients.


Progrexion's clients are responsible for safeguarding vast quantities of personal information. Privacy, security, and confidentiality are paramount. They are also important in highly-competitive, fast-moving industries that require freedom and flexibility to succeed. Our approach to meeting those seemingly conflicting requirements is to categorize users and actions and assign them an appropriate level of security. Personal information receives our highest level of security. Other, less private functions such as sales and marketing receive an appropriate level of security balanced with the flexibility to be effective. In this way we focus our resources on what matters most without inhibiting the individual productivity and autonomy necessary for a company to succeed.

Quality Assurance

All of Progrexion's offerings are rooted in a deep commitment to quality. Thus, all of our offerings, from software development to security to telecom to call centers, are all subject to constant, rigorous quality assurance testing based on consistent, industry-standard metrics. This dedication to quality makes sure our systems work right the first time and improve all the time.

Network/Systems Administration

A network can only run well if it is installed and maintained well. That's why our clients look to us to provision, install, operate, and maintain their computer systems and networks. In the event a problem arises, our experienced staff has the skill to quickly troubleshoot and solve the problem before it becomes a disruption. We ensure our clients' networks are running at optimal efficiency so they give our clients maximum value.

Help Desk

We offer our clients friendly, professional and experienced technical support for a wide range of computer-related issues. This support is available via a toll-free hotline, websites, online assistance, and email. Issues that our help desk cannot immediately fix are quickly escalated to senior IT management, which takes prompt and effective action to solve the issue.