We have sales down to a science.

To complement our lead-generating machine, we have some of the best sales-closing call centers in the business. That's because we employ leading-edge technology to determine where in the sales cycle each lead is, then our friendly, well-trained sales staff use that insight to close the sale. It's simple, really: find out what people need then help them get it. Simple, but effective.

Outbound Sales

Our marketing group supplies leads; then we apply dialing technology to follow up on those leads, always treating the people we call with sensitivity and respect. Our dialing strategies are designed to encourage people to take action without being intrusive. Our outbound call specialists know how to engage leads and make the connection that makes the sale.

Inbound Sales

The people who seek out our client's services are our most motivated and educated leads, and they require a highly educated sales staff. We take great care to put the right kind of salesperson in the right place for both inbound and outbound sales. Our understanding of the difference in leads and our commitment to catering to their needs from the moment we speak to them has resulted in higher closing rates for our clients.

Hotswap Program

The key to strong sales is reaching people when they're most likely to convert. When our hotswap partners spot a potential lead for our client, the partner immediately prequalifies them to speak with us and sends the call to us via a live phone transfer. We staff our hotswap line with operators who are specially trained to speak with hotswap leads and help them take positive action to reach their goals.

Quality Assurance

Because our call-center staff represents our clients on every call, we take training and quality assurance seriously. We extensively train employees on how to treat potential customers and close the sale. Our quality assurance program checks calls weekly and grades each one for professionalism, legal and corporate compliance, and adherence to the sales principles taught in the our training course. Moreover, we analyze successful calls and share that learning with all of our call-center staff in training sessions we hold several times a week, which all staff are required to attend.