Attract. Connect. Convert. Succeed.

Leads are the lifeblood of business. Finding and reaching leads is more than a service we offer, it's our passion. We use every available method-online, offline, search, phone, email and more-to bring in qualified leads for our clients. And we do so in record numbers. Then we convert them into customers. The result? More leads, more conversions, more profits, and more glory for our clients.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is the most immediate, flexible, personal, and effective marketing tool available. This is particularly true for our clients, whose customers cut across nearly every demographic. The ability of online marketing to convey targeted information makes it the ideal medium for messaging to potential customers. At Progrexion we have a deep understanding of the potential of online marketing and how to best use it to generate leads for our clients.

Search Marketing

Search marketing not only generates click-throughs, it gives us a high degree of insight into potential leads. Using search marketing as a touch point puts our clients in front of customers at the moment they're searching for the kind of services our clients offer. And by following search terms, we have a better idea of where they are in the sales cycle, making us more effective at reaching them and prompting them to take action.

Email Marketing

Used properly, email marketing is a powerful online marketing tactic. Our proven email approach focuses on personalized communication with leads. Our insight into our target audience means that we know how to reach them and talk about what they're interested in at each stage of the sales cycle.

Lead Generation

For our clients, lead generation is the lifeblood of their business-and leads are what we deliver. We use the most current and effective means of driving traffic: natural and paid searches, banner ads, affiliate networks, targeted emails and even cutting-edge mobile messaging.

Each month we generate thousands of leads for our clients. The leads are generated by sending potential customers to microsites, landing pages and other online arenas. In addition to this, we also transfer live potential customers directly by phone to our call centers where they are connected with our professional, well-trained sales team.

Lead Management

What sets Progrexion apart is the way we handle the leads we generate. We understand that each lead is in a different stage of the sales cycle. We also realize that each lead is a real person with real challenges our clients can help solve. So we customize our call center responses to best meet the needs of each person we speak with.

We have well-established direct-response touch points that we 're constantly refining; touch points that build a personal, encouraging relationship with leads, and giving them numerous opportunities to easily get in touch with our clients at the moment they're ready to.

The result of our sophisticated personalization and segmentation is markedly higher conversion rates. We generate a lot of leads, then squeeze more conversions out of them.

Lead Monetization

Every lead has both immediate and ongoing value. We've perfected a system for both maximizing immediate lead conversions and creating continuing revenue from those same leads. We give our clients a risk-free way to significantly broaden their potential base by referring qualified leads from one client to another in a positive, encouraging way. Our lead monetization clients very often go on to become strategic partners with us, increasing their revenue potential even more.

Business Development

We rely on a strong affiliate network and numerous strategic partners to generate leads for your clients. Our affiliate networks and strategic partners rely on us to provide them with a substantial source of lead-driven revenue and business growth.

Strategic Partnerships

When you lose a lead for any reason, you lose an opportunity. For Progrexion strategic partners, though, no lead is totally lost. Our call-center professionals are trained to pre-qualify leads for referral to our partners, and our partners return the favor for us. Leads are paid for both ways, and together we're better able to serve customers' needs. Everyone wins. This strategic partnership approach lets us grow our businesses together.

Affiliate Marketing

We work with online affiliate networks and brokers that house thousands of affiliates for optimal placement that helps us reach more leads and more relevant leads. Our work with internal affiliates helps drive traffic through both paid and organic searches, and helps to build a personal, emotional connection with our clients. We've built a deep network of affiliates for one simple reason: we pay well, and quickly, for leads.