Human Resources

For our clients, people are the most valuable resource.

We carefully and thoughtfully manage that resource, making sure our clients have a well-qualified staff, talented recruits, an engaged and compliant workforce, and properly-maintained work spaces. In other words, the people our clients need to move their business forward.

Human Resources

At Progrexion, we know that Human Resources exists to deliver business results and build organizational capability. We help build core capabilities for our clients by putting the right person in the right role at the right time, and by giving them the right tools to excel at their job. In doing so, we give our clients a lasting competitive advantage.

HR Strategy

Workforce Planning and Organizational Design

Growing a business isn't enough. To achieve sustainable success, the goal is smart, well-planned growth. We help our clients meet that goal in two ways. Our workforce planning services help companies determine the best way to staff their companies to grow business, both now and in the long term. Our organization design and business planning services assist clients in developing the optimal business structure and approach to support maximum sustainable growth. We design organizations to meet current and future business needs.

HR Services

Compensation and Benefit Administration

A strong compensation and benefits framework helps attract and retain employees. We provide compensation and benefits administration. We offer highly ethical, professional and detail-oriented compensation and benefits administration services to support hiring and retention, keep companies current with the market, and help ensure compliance with legal and corporate policies.

Employee Relations Management

A positive environment makes it possible for employees to do their best work. We make sure that workers can count on a respectful, safe workplace where people are held accountable for their actions and recognized and rewarded when they excel. We help keep workers engaged, motivated, and productive, and help protect the companies we work with and their employees.


Sourcing and Staffing

Because a company's most valuable resource is its people, staffing is a business-critical challenge. We understand the importance of putting the right person in the right position, and that's what we do for our clients. Our staffing resources allow us to perform tightly targeted job searches that find and attract the most qualified applicants for each opening. We know the job, the market and the players. That means excellent staffing for companies that work with us.

Assessment and Onboarding

A proper, rigorous, and thorough interview process mitigates corporate risk. We offer a reliable and tested interview methodology including background screening and drug testing, plus clear qualitative and quantitative hiring metrics. Upon hiring the best candidates, we give them a complete orientation to help them assimilate into the corporate culture, accelerate their performance and achieve maximum success.

Success Profiling

Top-performing employees can be a road map to a company's overall success. Our success profiling services take a close look at top performers, analyzing the traits that help them succeed and tapping their knowledge and wisdom to create end-to-end processes for business improvement. We also use that knowledge to help constantly improve the sourcing and interview process for future candidates.