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Team Mojo

One of the most critical factors to my success in the workplace relies on who I am surrounded by. The people who I see Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, have the power to make my job exciting, exhilarating, and accomplished – or to drain me of all my energy, passion, and effort. Luckily, Progrexion has an uncanny ability to maintain a team mojo that can rival any work environment. Here are some areas that I believe all companies who are seeking out the best – in –the –industry professionals, should focus on to provide a killer workplace to help employees thrive:

1. Flatten the organizational chart!

When employees feel comfortable reaching across teams and through departments, workflow and cross team coordination take off. I love being in an environment where the culture supports working closely with those who are beside you, over you, and under you on the organizational chart. This 360 degree communication structure gives employees the power to set the pace and drive change. Removing the traditional “escalation of communication” makes sure the momentum your team has isn’t slowed down by unnecessary, painful, and unproductive bureaucratic processes. You’ve always got the organizational chart to fall back on when tough choices need to be made, however for day to day work flow a flattened organizational chart will do wonders for the workplace.

2. Set a vision for the team to get behind!

It’s almost impossible for employees to take time to pull themselves out of their day-to-day responsibilities, walk away from the to-do list, and dream big for the company. Because of that, it’s crucial for the leaders of teams to provide the “dream big” moments on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, or quarterly). By giving employees the chance to see the big picture every now and again, it allows the team to revive their energy and renew their passion for getting the day-to-day tasks taken care of. Seeing how my actions contribute to the progress of the entire company is a huge motivator for me.  If leaders can constantly show how each task fits into the big picture, you’ll come out with a unified, passionate team.

3. Break down the barriers!

One of the biggest buzz-kills for a workplace is to be surrounded by barriers that stop you from doing your job. Leaders who offer to help break down barriers and go to bat for their team instantly offer a support system for employees. This gives employees the ammunition they need to get creative about overcoming challenges that will inevitability come up, and most importantly it helps drive the completion of many initiatives that get left behind and forgotten as soon as a barrier presents itself. The vocal support from leaders to help push through areas that have challenges, can quickly turn the workplace into a problem-solving, solution-finding arena.