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Introducing Paid Search Strategist: Rachel Poulos

Hey Guys, I’m Rachel, the new Paid Search Strategist at Progrexion Marketing. I have accumulated three years of paid search experience with several PPC agencies. Basically, I used to do display marketing, mobile marketing, and remarketing for clients; I provided a complete marketing package for my clients (except for SEO).

Marketing Background

At Utah State University, I studied Anthropology. I chose to study Anthropology because I am interested in understanding why people do the things they do. It’s fascinating to realize how much of human behavior is driven by the culture and environment they grew up in, and the norms that surround them. My education helps me to understand the behavior of searchers and what people are looking for in an advertisement and website.

After graduation, I was fortunate enough to get an entry-level job with a Pay-Per-Clien (PPC) agency that was willing to give me the foundational skills required for PPC. After about a year, I was offered a position with another agency where I continued to improve my experience and knowledge, eventually becoming the Director of PPC.  I am ecstatic to now be working with such a great group of people. Even though I have only been working at Progrexion for a month, things have been great; the work environment strikes a perfect balance between an efficient and productive environment with a fun and relaxed work place.

As a Paid Search Strategist, I optimize PPC campaigns and develop strategies to improve our online paid search presence on Bing and Google, in order to increase our site traffic and customer base. I make sure that our advertisements appear to the most relevant searchers by bidding for different keywords. I also make sure that the people clicking on our ads are the most likely to actually follow through and sign up for our service.

About Me

I have recently found a love for fonts, hand lettering, calligraphy, pretty paper, and crafting in general (not to be confused with scrap booking). At Utah State I gained an appreciation for hiking, camping, traveling, photography (especially macrophotography and animal shots), and the outdoors. Outside of work, I spend most of my time hanging out with my husband and our cats. We enjoy watching movies together, listening to music, and preparing and eating delicious food. After spending many years in Logan, it has been an adventure going to different restaurants and trying the many varieties of food that ‘the big city’ has to offer.

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