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5 Reasons to Start a PPC Campaign

Coming from an agency background I saw many businesses that had still not harnessed the power of online advertising. In this day and age where Internet access has become readily available, online advertising is more important than ever.

Pay per click or PPC is one type of online advertising that can be used by businesses large and small, as well as local and global.  There are many popular search engines that have made it easier for businesses to set up their own PPC campaigns. With PPC, a business can pay to have their ads show up in the top positions of search engines, rather than relying solely on SEO.

Below are 5 reasons to hopefully motivate you to start advertising your business through PPC.

1. Show in top positions quicker than SEO

It can take months for your business to show at the top of the page with SEO. However, with PPC you can pay to show up on the top positions of the search results page. PPC can compliment SEO by allowing your business to show up at the top of search results until your SEO campaign is optimized.

2. Increase your search real estate

Your business showing in the paid search and organic listings can help increase your search real estate, which can equate to more traffic and potential conversions. If your organic listing is displayed up close to your paid search ad, the likelihood of a searcher clicking into your business website can increase.

3. Easily control your spend

Whether your PPC budget is large or small you can control how much your campaigns spend daily and monthly. This makes it easier for you to hit your cost per acquisition (CPA) or ROI goals.

4. Ad scheduling, location targeting and bid modifiers

Along with controlling your spend, you can also control when and where your ads will be displayed.  You can set up ad scheduling for days and times that would be best for your ads to show depending on your CPA and ROI goals. Along with setting up ad scheduling, you can also select specific geographical areas for your ads to display.  

5. Mobile targeting 

People are rarely seen without their cell phone or tablet in hand, which means more and more searches are being conducted on mobile devices. Mobile advertising has become an important strategy for exposing yourself to potentially new customers. Many search engines now make it easier than ever to your adjust mobile spending and create mobile specific ads. 

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