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Progrexion Employees Attend SLC|SEM With Rand Fishkin

This week, Progrexion employees were able to attend SLC|SEM’s event with Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz. Here are some takeaways from the event:


Getting the first ranking for your targeted keyword(s) is not always the answer to getting the most clicks. If your search results have more compelling calls to action, images or videos, then you will get more clicks than other results.

Google is moving to a PPC model

Google paid ads are starting to push more natural listings down to the bottom of search results. Long story short, if you are paying Google then you are getting high placement. So, if you are targeting these head terms – that are being pushed down by Google PPC ads – then you need to revise your strategy.

Build your network on social sites

“Don’t share and forget!” Develop a strategy to connect with your target audience. If you just Tweet out your message without real people in mind then you’re missing the social media boat. Reach out to people who are influencers in your industry on whatever social media platform they are on. There are several places to reach your audience outside of Twitter and Facebook. Check out industry forums, chat rooms (if any still exist) and other old school forms of social media. Think like your audience.

Site Speed

Site speed matters. Not only does a faster website make user experience better it is also a ranking signal to search engines. The faster your site the higher you will rank.

CRO doesn’t work with bad content

Don’t obsess over whether a green button on your call to action gets more clicks or sales than a red button. Make sure your content around the call to action is something your readers actually want. If your content is lacking, then CRO means nothing.

Don’t strive for perfection

Great content will trump a perfectly optimized website every time. It’s still important to pay attention to link profiles, site speed issues and other optimizations, but don’t obsess over them. Obsess over your content and the quality that you are delivering to your readers first. W3C validation “is not important!” according to Rand Fishkin on HubSpot’s #SEOChat live Q and A discussion.

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