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Office Pet Peeves – Are You an Offender?

Who doesn’t have pet peeves, especially when it comes to work? Let’s face it, we spend most of our lives surrounded by our co-workers and have to tolerate little annoyances that we think about but do not say. In fact, after all my research and surveys, most people have the same common issues at work. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered – I thought it would be fun to air it all out! Put yourselves in check and have a laugh.

Here we go – the most common office pet peeves:


  • Replying all when it’s not necessary
  • Receipt requests
  • No signature with contact information (don’t forget your replies)
  • Messages without subject lines
  • Too many people in the To: box so you don’t know who is responsible for the reply, and who should be CC’ed
  • Name spelling or wrong salutation on emails (if you don’t know if someone’s a Mr., don’t assume)
  • Not responding to emails
  • Emails too long – get to the point
  • No spell check or writing emails as if they are text messages

Noise Levels

  • People who listen to music without headphones – use headphones and keep the volume down
  • Speaker phones when you don’t have an office and it’s not necessary
  • People who talk too loud on the phone, or who have pitchy, fake “phone voices” (I’m thinking of Office Space right now, haha.)
  • Singing, humming, whistling, loud typing (especially with long finger nails), pen clicking, gum snapping, finger tapping, etc.
  • Constant throat clearing
  • Cell phones not set to silent


  • People who abuse IM when it’s not an emergency, instead of just emailing
  • Talking to people about work when they’re eating lunch (even at their desk)
  • Constant interruptions / questions
  • Lurkers – those people who hover by someone’s desk and wait for them to get off the phone
  • When someone directs a question at you but then someone else answers it
  • Too much chit chatting when you’re trying to work
  • Talking over people


  • Cell phones in meetings that aren’t on silent
  • Overbooking someone’s schedule, especially not considering if they have time to grab food
  • Starting more than 5 minutes late or not ending on time without making sure there are no conflicts
  • Men who do not make eye contact with women
  • Too many people invited to meetings that don’t need to be included
  • Too many meetings
  • Big egos, and not respecting other people’s thoughts / opinions / ideas
  • Stealing credit for someone else’s ideas
  • Overachievers who try to look good to the boss
  • Not taking ownership of actions


  • Messy desks – ok, I’m definitely guilty of this one 🙂
  • Not cleaning up after yourself in the break room / bathroom / common areas
  • Not washing hands after going to the bathroom
  • Smelly lunches at the desk or burnt popcorn
  • Coming to the office sick
  • Clipping nails at work (a lot of people mentioned this, haha!)
  • Talking on the phone while in the bathroom
  • Too much perfume or cologne
  • Nose blowing – please go to the bathroom


  • People who take the last of the coffee but don’t make more
  • No cubical privacy – especially those who walk up behind and stare at your monitor
  • Office pranks
  • Gossip and negativity
  • Favoritism
  • Backstabbing
  • Pointing at something on someone’s monitor and leaves a greasy fingerprint (that’s hilarious, I’ve never had that happen, but someone did leave a Sharpie spot on my monitor, I’m not naming any names but you know who you are, haha 😉
  • Too much talk about politics or religion
  • Eavesdropping / chiming in
  • Micromanagers
  • Laziness – making other people pick up the slack
  • Smoking near door entrances
  • Eating other people’s food in the fridge
  • Not putting paper in the copier if it’s out & you were the last to use it

Hope you had fun reading the responses. Have a big annoyance that didn’t make the list? Tell us about it in our thread on Facebook – it feels good to vent, and we’d love to hear it!