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Make Your Marketing Matter

As we brainstorm ideas, create products, and build websites we often miss what’s “in-between” – – we miss the “meaning”. We can create beautiful websites, ads, and landing pages, but what does it mean to the user?

Why do they care? Users don’t seek out a website to play with the parallax design, or observe the color scheme used for a chart; they seek out a website to find information, meaning, and find solutions. They’re looking see pictures of their friends, purchase a dress for the big party, or balance their finances and budget for their dream home. It is those meaningful experiences that are adapted and integrated into our users lifestyles.

I have recently been working on a project attempting to exceed users expectations – give them what they want and more, much more. Creating a service and experience that they would want to interact with. However, as we’ve come to a point of reflection, I’m realizing that while I’m focused on exceeding expectations in the future, I’m ignorant to the fact that we’re not meeting expectations now. When expectations are met, a user doesn’t notice, it feels seamless, smooth, and they complete their goals without notice. But, when expectations are not met, it causes disruption, frustration, and a sense of failure in the experience and often the actual product or service. Putting meaning back into our processes, products, and design can help meet those expectations and create seamless user experiences.

If it’s up for a vote, I vote that we make it matter. Not just in our website usability, but in everything we do. I will always argue that what we do here at Progrexion matters; you may be the designer, the analyst, the salesman, or the developer, and together we achieve something that matters. Offering credit repair services creates opportunities for new cars, new homes, and changed lives. Keep that in mind, and make it matter.

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