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Left Brain — Right Brain

I’d like to introduce myself on my opening post, to help give background into where I have experience and where my passions are in the online marketing space. I’ve been working with Progrexion for the past four and a half years – in that time I’ve worked in the lead generation, paid search, direct response and project management arenas. For me, I love taking big ideas for the business and finding ways to effectively implement changes and new concepts on a detailed level to make sure we’re 1) providing a great consumer experience and 2) becoming more productive and progressive as a company. If I can accomplish those two goals with an initiative, I feel like it was successful effort.

Speaking to marketing as a whole, I love this industry because it helps blend together many creative and analytical qualities. Not only do you need to be able to brainstorm ideas into marketing materials in a creative, impactful way – but in marketing you also need to have enthusiasm for understanding what the numbers mean once you roll out a new product, offer, or advertisement. The fact that I get to use both my messy, creative right brain and my logical, analytical left brain every day is a huge perk. Without any conscious effort, I get to move between both creative and analytics projects throughout the day. It helps keep me on my toes, and leaves me excited to see what the next day at work will bring.

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