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How to Improve Your Workday

I was reading some articles online the other day & found an article that intrigued me. It was called “10 Tricks for a Fabulous Workday”. It got me thinking, are there ways that I could be improving my work ethic & improving my overall attitude on my day just by taking simple steps each day? Here is my take on their suggestions.

1. Start with 15 minutes of positive input

  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have 15 minutes in the morning to do anything but brush my teeth & run out the door. So, instead of reading a positive thinking book in the morning or watching something uplifting on TV why not put a positive thought on your mirror. Just seeing something positive right when you wake up can change your attitude & direction for the entire day. Something as simple as, “Have a great day!” displayed on your mirror will help you get started on the right foot.

2. Tie your work to your life’s goals

  • If you’re having ‘one of those days’ at work & you’re finding it hard to stay motivated on the task at hand, remind yourself about the things you are working FOR. Sometimes when I’m having one of those days I remind myself that I’m working so my husband can get through school without student loans. Or I remind myself that I work so we can have our home. Those little reminders of the bigger picture sometimes help you get through those ‘hit the wall’ moments.

3. Use your commute wisely

  • I love this one! I commute 30+ minutes to work both ways, every day. I’ve found that when I listen to a CD that I’ve made with my favorite songs on it, or when I’m listening to a good audio book, the drive is less ‘boring’ and it gets my brain started & excited for the day. Listening to the news, traffic or commercials the whole time can make you more tired & make you dread going to work even more. So listen to something upbeat & uplifting.

4. Stick a smile on your face

  • We’ve all heard it before, ‘You choose to be happy’ and it’s true. Another one, ‘Fake it, ‘til you make it’. Even if you’re upset that you’re at work, or can’t stop thinking about all the other things you’d rather be doing, fake it! Be happy, smile & give yourself a list of achievable tasks you can accomplish that day to help motivate you.

5. Express a positive mood

  • Going along with #4 if you’re being positive & expressing that, others around you will naturally start to be happier as well.

6. Do what’s important first

  • I wrote a blog post about this a few months ago which you can read here, but this article reiterates the point as well. If you get the most important things on your to-do list done first, you will feel more productive & will accomplish more with a better effort.

7. Avoid negative people

  • Being around negative people can bring you down. Avoid it.

8. Don’t work long hours

  • Most people when they work long hours are only productive for the first 6-8 hours anyway. That’s when people have the most quick impact tasks on their plate to accomplish & that’s when most of affiliates are working as well. Work while you’re productive & make sure you get the rest that your body & your brain needs to be productive the next day as well.

9. Wind down & relax

  • When you get home from work, do things that make you happy & wind you down. Go for a walk, go to the gym, play with your kids, catch up with your spouse, family or friends. Do things to help get your mind of the stresses of your work day & that help you recharge your batteries.

10. End your day with 15 minutes of gratitude

  • By ending your day on a positive note you will have positive thoughts in your sleep & wake up feeling more positive & energized. The article suggests that you take 15 minutes every night & write down things that happened in your day that you are grateful for. Thinking of all the positive things you experienced that day will help you look for more things to be grateful for the next day & help you go to bed with a positive attitude as well.

I really enjoyed reading this article and found that a lot of the tips given aren’t that hard to incorporate. I would suggest incorporating 1 or 2 into your daily routine at a time until they become second nature. Good luck making your work days more enjoyable!

You can find the actual article by Inc.com here on Yahoo!

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