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Communication is Key for Lead Generation Success

It’s pretty sad that someone who has been involved in online marketing for nearly four years has never written a blog post in his life, but that’s me. In my mind, the idea of a blog is reserved for creative mommy’s who want to share ideas about how to reuse old baby blankets. Hopefully I won’t prove that point even further through my posts on Lead Generation.

My thoughts about this week’s post are focused on communication. With Lead Generation I have found that creating the highest quality leads is not the end of the line. With all Lead Generation there is a product that must be sold and communication with the people who make those sales is extremely important to success.

As someone who manages the leads, I have discovered that I have powerful information that, when communicated to the sales team that work my leads, can dramatically affect the production of those sales teams. I’m not teaching representatives the ins and outs of lead generation, rather providing them with basic information of how the leads they call are generated. This has given new insight and life to our sales team. Make sure that in your lead generation efforts you are communicating with your sales team for optimal success.

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