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Sable Petersen Introductions

My first day on the job included a catered breakfast, weekend updates, and an unusual introduction from a man without an eye ball. Needless to say, it was just where I wanted to be. I recently had my one year work anniversary, where I sat down and thought about everything I had learned in a short amount of time. It’s been absolutely incredible.

I was a fresh graduate from Brigham Young University, walking away with a degree in Communications: Broadcast Journalism. The big debate out of college was which career path to take: take the offer to become a beginning anchor/reporter, or use my marketing experience to develop my skills in business. Obviously choosing the latter, I met my future boss on BYU’s campus, and started my first real job. I entered the business knowing little about online marketing, and can proudly announce that I can define at least half of the terms… I still have a ways to go, and in this ever-changing industry, I’m not sure I’ll ever catch up.

A big focus here at Progrexion is our call center, where monetizing just makes sense. We have clients from all over the United States coming to us for some kind of financial help. The ideal customer is one who needs our Credit Repair service, however, there are many that don’t fit into that category – and who would we be if we turned them away? Managing monetization in our call centers, I’m able to match customers with affiliate partners who can help them in ways we cannot. We’ve teamed up with some of the largest and greatest partners in debt settlement, credit reports, credit cards, and other financial services.  Not only does this allow us to actually provide a solution for the client, but it brings in that extra revenue each month. For me, it’s been a great opportunity to build solid partner relationships. As we build and grow a partnership, we find ways to cross over business and work in many other areas. I’ve found it incredibly interesting to start a partner in our call center, and over time watch the partnership grow to cover email and lead generation.

Overall, the year I’ve spent learning and understanding the world of online marketing has been a great experience. Progrexion Marketing has been the perfect fit, and the best place for me to enter the workplace.

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