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Introducing Website and UX Manager, Matthew Wolstoncroft

My name is Matthew Wolstoncroft and I am pleased to introduce myself as the newest Website and UX Manager at Progrexion. I’m quickly approaching three months with the company and as I settle in to my new role I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to work along side so many talented individuals. NRG

I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Computer Science at The Ohio State University. I moved to Salt Lake City in the summer of 2013 and I must say I absolutely love it here. I am constantly caught off guard by the overwhelming beauty of this place and incredible access to outdoor recreation.

My passion for technology began when I was introduced to coding around the age of 14, writing simple and largely useless programs in BASIC. I was so fascinated by the process that I started teaching myself HTML and CSS, which would jumpstart my formal education and lay the groundwork for the start of my career.

My professional background is a bit of a mixed bag with experience working as a front-end developer, web designer, interface designer and usability expert. Prior to starting at Progrexion, I worked for a rapidly growing startup where I had the opportunity to work on products for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. With a heavy focus on interface design and front-end development, I primarily worked on a single constantly evolving and highly complex product as part of a small agile team. It was a great learning experience and while I found the fast paced and volatile environment of a startup exciting, there was a fundamental lack of empathy and user insight that made the work tedious and draining. Not to mention the relentless hours and impossible deadlines, but I digress.

One of the biggest factors in my decision to move away from front-end development is that I realized I have no aspirations to be a great developer, and frankly I don’t have the chops for it. I do however, have an unquenchable curiosity for human interaction with technology and the psychology that facilitates that behavior. I love design, problem solving, information architecture, user testing and creating user-centered designs that seamlessly balance aesthetics with functionality.

More than ever, businesses are seeking to provide utility to customers in the digital space. At the same time the proliferation of mobile and social media are re-defining how we access and engage with online content, introducing a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for web professionals. As a result there seems to be a collective awakening to the importance of providing and maintaining compelling experiences in the digital channel and I want to be apart of that future and shape those experiences by design.

When I’m not working I spend my time with friends, rock climbing, cycling and pursuing a lifestyle of spontaneity and adventure. Nothing can humble, invigorate and inspire me more than spending time outside of doors, exploring and seeking new experiences. I own very little, and I make a living doing what I love and I couldn’t be more excited to see what my future holds.

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