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Introducing Vice President of Product Management, Albert Nasser

How many believed Hannibal when he shared his plan to defeat the armies of Rome with elephants that would cross the alps? Sometimes, product management is exactly like that.  My name is Albert Lee Nasser and I enjoy discussing (or arguing depending on yourScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.02.33 PM particular inclination) Black-Scholes foolishness, Black Swan brilliance, the tragedy of Queen Victoria¹s relentless, oppressive influence at Home Depot, absolutely anything, really, other than myself.  With inexpressible joy, however, I will gleefully confront you with the unassailable truth behind my cherished value proposition which is at the heart of everything I do at Progrexion.

I have spent my career building interactive web, network and wireless platforms for consumers worldwide.  I particularly enjoy leveraging mobile and network data/architecture to support personalization, radical (sad but true..) notions of consumer choice and novel use of profiles.

I happily find myself in Salt Lake City helping Progrexion capitalize on their extraordinary success in digital lead generation within the consumer credit category.  I am surrounded by an accomplished and experienced team which is very useful when you are tasked with a multi-disciplinary, cross functional activity like product management; success requires that I work with everyone.

I have spent most of my USA holiday time the past 20 years in this region, skiing (frequently without embarrassment or severe injury), kayaking (less successfully), climbing/hiking and mountain biking (the second or third thrill of my life).  Individual KPI’s reflect my success executing world-class product and brand management and are inversely proportional to the number of single track and powder days I enjoy.  Conversely, product management is much more than a KPI checklist.

When you are challenged to respond to a competitive threat or emerging market opportunity, existing KPI’s must be completely reimagined as the value proposition evolves.  This is easily one of my favorite activities because you have a chance to solve problems and innovate in ways no one has considered (even if they have 9 figures of VC capital at their carefully considered disposal).

Product management looks across the entire organization to find points of differentiation that can be delivered uniquely and cohesively to a customer.  The challenge of crafting a durable, fully optimized value proposition that resonates with every constituency necessitates that you do more than consider the current market opportunity; you must anticipate challenges that have yet to surface or be fully recognized by the market.

It’s like finding a new line past a very dangerous obstacle in high volume Class V whitewater, sending a route before anyone else, making first tracks on a powder day or biking Porcupine Rim with open toe flip flops and 24 ounces of H2O in the middle of July.  Product Management is exactly like that – Inveniam viam.

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