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Introducing Tyler North – Website and UX Manager

I feel like I need no introduction. Not because I am special, fantastic, skilled or humble, but because I have sent each of you the responsive report email every morning for the past 4½ months. Yep that is me who brightens your mornings. In case there is any doubt, the gap is closing.


As the Website and UX Manager I not only report on the key metrics. I also manage changes to the site to improve those metrics and user experience while on the site. I love my job! I have a few years of experience improving experience and marketing across websites and internal systems.

I had a strange introduction to marketing. While in college at the University of Utah (best school on the planet), I learned to love business and found an interest in how businesses grew or adversely became obsolete. I planned on majoring in Marketing until my first Marketing class. Maybe it was just the professor but I felt like the premise of marketing was deceit and trickery to get a sale. I was turned off and switched my major.

Ultimately I decided on the tangible technological skills I would obtain during my Bachelor and Master degrees in Information Systems. I acquired knowledge of technology, analytical skills and a desire to help people market and grow businesses. However, I had some problems in determining what way my career should go. I wasn’t as nerdy as the techies, I wasn’t as good at math as an analyst and I didn’t have formal marketing training. I was sure that I loved technology and saw huge potential for businesses that adapt to improve marketing through tech.

While working at Overstock.com I was put in a position to manage the experience of website sales and couponing. During this time I truly learned the possibilities of good user experience marketing. No longer did I see marketing as a deceitful way to obtain a sale. I learned that by using technology and the Internet we could now provide experiences and products to users that were so good that it would naturally persuade users to signup. Users who are “sold” tend to cancel quickly. Users who are “helped” or given a solution to their problem through a great experience tend to be loyal, stay longer, and refer their friends. I had found my niche in creating great experiences online and ultimately through the entire business (website, call center, etc.).

Progrexion has a ton of potential. I am excited to see what can happen as we improve the experience of our websites and business. This is an exciting time to be here. In case any of you are wondering the responsive and client sites still need a ton of work and I’m excited for those changes to come. Also, I am very open to ideas and suggestions from co-workers so please come talk to me if you have an idea.

In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my family. I am married to an amazing woman and have three kids. Three kids! My wife and I are officially outnumbered and it’s a lot of fun and mostly chaos around our house. Sleep is hard to come by. I also love the outdoors. I enjoy wakeboarding, snowboarding, long boarding, and watching all sports. I am loyal to Utah sporting teams and am a huge U football, U basketball, Jazz basketball and RSL soccer fan. I am happy to be here at Progrexion and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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