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Introducing Talmage Call, Offline Marketing Manager

Hello blog. My name is Talmage Call.  If you don’t want to risk the pronunciation, you can go with Tally if it’s easier. I am new to Progrexion and have been here nearly 2 months.  I manage the offline channels for CreditRepair.com.  I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with our agency and media

partners to ensure that sales and awareness come from these channels. I have also enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers at Progrexion.  These people definitely know how to eat and thoroughly enjoy food.

While I was a student at the University of Utah I expected to become an accountant.  My Dad is a partner at a local firm and I thought that would be my path for the future.  But then after taking some classes I had one

impression of accounting- Boring.  So my quest with marketing began.  I became involved with some marketing professors doing some market research and I was hooked.  I also completed an internship at one of the top ad agencies in SLC and loved it.

After graduating I became involved with marketing for the American Red Cross as an analyst and later as a marketing manager.

I gained experience with all types of marketing channels and projects, and hope to implement some of those experiences at Progrexion.

I have 2 important women in my life- my wife and my daughter. Sorry, mom.  Maybe 3.  I love spending time with them.  I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities- golfing, skiing, snowboarding, wake surfing, 4wheeling- just to name a few.  My wife gets tired of me talking about cars and other fast and cool things with a motor that I want to buy. If your reading this, sorry honey.

I am ready put the gas pedal down and grow this brand.  I am excited for the chance and happy to have landed at Progrexion.

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