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Introducing Paid Search Strategist, Matt Lloyd

My name is Matthew Lloyd, but you can call me Matt.  I am the Paid Search Strategist at Progrexion Marketing. I came from a similar industry in Ogden, Utah but I did Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) based on eCommerce – I’ve been doing PPC for nearly 3 years now. I grew up in Kaysville, Utah and played football, soccer, baseball, and just about any other sport you can think of. I enjoy listening to eating, music, going to the gym, traveling as much as possible, playing soccer and football (co-ed soccer and flag football of course in my old age), and spending time with my great wife and our two little kids.

The word is that I have become famous around the office for the amount of food I can consume. I wouldn’t call myself a “foodie” (though I’d like to eventually) but I do love food and trying new kinds of food – I’ll try about anything. Andrew Zimmern’s job (host of Bizarre Foods) is possibly my dream job (outside of PPC of course). I have an actual list of places I want to try and I’m constantly trying to find a mysterious Korean BBQ truck. If you know about its whereabouts please let me know because I’ve really wanted to try it for some time – I’ll make it eventually.

I originally got a Finance degree from the Weber State University but decided that I find the world of PPC and Marketing more fascinating. I just liked the idea of having a financial background. For those new to this world, PPC refers to Pay Per Click – it is being charged per click from people searching for our product/brand when they click on an ad.

In PPC, you set up campaigns and you are bidding on keywords against similar companies/products for the top spot or what is best for your ROI. It’s an interesting and ever growing world with constant changes and new skills to learn.

If you have any similar experience and want to work with someone awesome, Progrexion is actually hiring another PPC strategist and a couple coordinators. Progrexion has been a great company to work for – even though I am still somewhat new. They have a fun, positive environment that really helps foster creativity and growth.

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