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Can a Marketing Firm Make a Difference?

Sisyphus had a pretty good thing going, being king and all. As a bit of a smarty pants who everyone seemed to want to be around, he founded Corinth and begun his rule that would extend for generations. He was also as crafty as they came. Despite not owning a single Hallow, he was able to outsmart Death by locking the all-time-trickster in the closet.

(I am no expert in tourism marketing, but I am confident P.T. Barnum could have made a mint selling out of that attraction.)

When his number was up once more, Sisyphus’s later convinced the folks at Hades to send him back to life in order to arrange a proper burial. Upon his return it must have slipped his mind, because he promptly forgot about the arrangement and just continued on doing his thing.

The gods were less than thrilled about his forgetfulness, and decided to make an example of him.

Sisyphus was banished to the bottom of an underworld mountain where huge stone was placed before him. If he could successfully roll the stone to the top of the mountain, he’d be released.

Sadly for Sisyphus, each time he would approach the summit, his strength would falter.  The stone would grow unwieldy and roll back to the base of the mountain. That was how Sisyphus was to endure eternity.

I’ve always loved the Greek myths and the way these stories continue to resonate today.  While certainly the literal comparison is challenging, I find it very easy to lean on the imagery of brave Sisyphus striving against his burden.

When it comes to a personal credit score, our clients’ scores can feel like a similar burden.  Reaching our personal financial goals and summits can be even more daunting when we are also pushing a poor credit score. That score can be the difference between qualifying for a low mortgage rate and being denied completely.  The burden of a poor credit score can be as relentless as it is heavy.

The good news is that unlike Sisyphus’s fate, when it comes to credit scores, is help available. Progrexion, where I work, represents the two largest credit repair firms.  We help people improve their credit scores. This service can be instrumental in helping people reach their goals.

Listening to what our clients tell us demonstrates to me the difference my colleagues are making in many people’s lives. For me, that is what gets me excited about my role here.  Helping people get a fair credit score can relieve them of a burden and makes it possible for them to reach their own personal financial summits.

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