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Blakely Introductions

My name is Blakely Hankins and I have been with this wonderful company for two years now. I am the Financial Services Affiliate Manager and get to work with a very talented marketing team. I have grown so much since I started here and have learned a million things about affiliate marketing along the way. I am very excited to share some of that knowledge.

I came straight from college with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Idaho State University and it has been a fun and challenging two years with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Progrexion is a fun place to work where you are challenged by your co-workers every day in problem solving, marketing credit repair, designing new creative, foosball games, and much more. There are some of the most talented people in this office and it is such a blessing to be surrounded by greatness each day.

Affiliate Marketing is something that is growing and evolving each day. Some of the most successful affiliates we have are those that are really passionate about marketing and have had a lot of experience. There are new things everyday with the Internet and using all of the available sources is making a lot of people successful in this industry. Creatively there are people that just know how to capture an audience. Others do it by content and credibility. People amaze me with their creativity and hard work to make something they believe in a success.

There are some wonderful people in this industry and there is so much to learn. I have watched webinars, learned from the best out there and read article after article about affiliate marketing, marketing in general and credit repair. What a fun business to be a part of. I do something different every day and absolutely love my job!

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