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Addie Introductions

I’m proud to say that I have been working for the best marketing company in the state for about four and a half years now. Progrexion is a place of growth, learning & discovery. It’s a place where we can speak our minds, voice our opinions & let our ideas come into fruition. I started out at the company as the front desk receptionist. No experience in the marketing world whatsoever. I learned a lot about Progrexion as a whole & Lexington Law & loved what I was learning. I love working for a company that is genuinely helping others and changing lives. After about a year I moved into an executive assistant role in the marketing department. Although I wasn’t actually participating in the day-to-day marketing side of things, I was able to learn so much about how the marketing department works. This team puts so much intensity and time into every project and product that goes out, it’s amazing. After two years with the executives I moved into the marketing department and have never been happier in a career.

I love working in the industry that we deal with. My job specifically is the Hotswap Manager. I work on finding companies that talk with people every day that are being denied something important in their life because of their credit. I mostly work with companies that have a call center, are talking to clients every day and can live transfer them directly into our call center. After someone has been denied a loan, the partner brings up our offer and transfers them to us for a free consultation.

We have had success in a variety of different industries and verticals, primarily in the Financial Services space. The clients that these people talk to are trying to obtain financing on an important purchase in their lives and sometimes their credit is holding them back.  We have seen huge success because the clients see an immediate need for our services and for what we provide.

Besides the work that we do here at Progrexion, we also have a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I love the people that I work with. We’re like a quirky little family. We play games, we share in each other’s joys and successes and we get a lot accomplished while we’re doing it.

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