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Adapt Your Marketing to Your Customer

In college I had a class taught by a hippy where he would dance around the class and play the drums. I thought it was very strange at first but I ended up learning more in that class than maybe any other class. One of the main things we would discuss in the class is coevolution. Coevolution is the study of two things evolving simultaneously. One must evolve to continue to adapt with the other. If it doesn’t evolve it risks the threat of disappearing altogether.

Here is a quick example. A certain species of moth was risking extinction by owls because they would always eat them. The moth slowly evolved to look more and more like it’s surroundings and so the owls were all of a sudden in trouble. What happened? The owls eye sight started to get better to spot the moths and they slowly evolved together.

At work, we like to play foosball when we have a few minutes to spare. Jon and I started around the same time here. He plays defense and I play offense. His defense started out decent as well as my offense but as we both have started playing more as his defense has gotten better, my offense has had to adjust and vice versa. If my offense changes and his defense stays the same, I’ll beat him and Topher every time. But if his defense gets better than my offense I will always lose. So we have constantly changed and adapted together. So what does this have to do with marketing?

In marketing we have to adapt and change with our surroundings. What’s fun about Progrexion is we are constantly changing. Progrexion isn’t just a catchy name, it’s a way of life. We are constantly progrexing (see what I did there) with changing trends and data. As the world is going more and more mobile, so are our messages and projects. We are doing a complete overhaul to our main website now. It’s a huge project, but it’s a necessary one. It’s necessary to stay a step ahead of how fast things are changing. We need to adapt and evolve together or else we’ll risk becoming extinct.

We live in a new world now where we don’t dictate what to give consumers; they now get to make the rules. Is your company changing and evolving with them, or are they getting left behind?

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