Introducing Vice President of Product Management, Albert Nasser

How many believed Hannibal when he shared his plan to defeat the armies of Rome with elephants that would cross the alps? Sometimes, product management is exactly like that.  My name is Albert Lee Nasser and I enjoy discussing (or arguing depending on yourScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.02.33 PM particular inclination) Black-Scholes foolishness, Black Swan brilliance, the tragedy of Queen Victoria¹s relentless, oppressive influence at Home Depot, absolutely anything, really, other than myself.  With inexpressible joy, however, I will gleefully confront you with the unassailable truth behind my cherished value proposition which is at the heart of everything I do at Progrexion.

I have spent my career building interactive web, network and wireless platforms for consumers worldwide.  I particularly enjoy leveraging mobile and network data/architecture to support personalization, radical (sad but true..) notions of consumer choice and novel use of profiles. Read More

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Introducing Website and UX Manager, Matthew Wolstoncroft

My name is Matthew Wolstoncroft and I am pleased to introduce myself as the newest Website and UX Manager at Progrexion. I’m quickly approaching three months with the company and as I settle in to my new role I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to work along side so many talented individuals. NRG

I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Computer Science at The Ohio State University. I moved to Salt Lake City in the summer of 2013 and I must say I absolutely love it here. I am constantly caught off guard by the overwhelming beauty of this place and incredible access to outdoor recreation. Read More

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Introducing Tyler North – Website and UX Manager

I feel like I need no introduction. Not because I am special, fantastic, skilled or humble, but because I have sent each of you the responsive report email every morning for the past 4½ months. Yep that is me who brightens your mornings. In case there is any doubt, the gap is closing.


As the Website and UX Manager I not only report on the key metrics. I also manage changes to the site to improve those metrics and user experience while on the site. I love my job! I have a few years of experience improving experience and marketing across websites and internal systems.

I had a strange introduction to marketing. While in college at the University of Utah (best school on the planet), I learned to love business and found an interest in how businesses grew or adversely became obsolete. I planned on majoring in Marketing until my first Marketing class. Maybe it was just the professor but I felt like the premise of marketing was deceit and trickery to get a sale. I was turned off and switched my major. Read More

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Introducing Online Affiliate Coordinator, Brittany Brackenbury


I moved from my home, in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an 18 year old to pursue a career in business. Six years, and a few adventures later, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Business Management (Marketing) degree, but I wasn’t always so convinced that marketing was what I really wanted to do. I was blessed with an adventurous spirit and tried my hand at some odd jobs during my education. In the past two years, I have worked in both a Trauma-1 Emergency Room and as an Alaskan tour bus driver. I feed off of energy and excitement, so sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day hasn’t always been the most enticing idea. Pair that with full-time employment (AKA not much time for travels) and a business career made me truly scared to grow up. Read More

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Introducing Graphic Designer, Sydnie Kocher

Hi all! My name is Sydnie Kocher and I am the newest Graphic Designer at Progrexion. I’ve been here a little over two months and I love it. The fact that I landed such an amazing job right out of college is still unbelievable to me and I feel so lucky to be here doing what I love. The people here are amazing and very motivating. It’s always fun to come to work each day.

I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Graphic design. SEMO (short for Southeast Missouri) is in a small town called Cape Girardeau. Fun Fact: If you read the popular novel Gone Girl, part of that movie was filmed in Cape Girardeau when I was there at school. Anyway, I was born and raised in Illinois until my family moved to Utah after I graduated high school. I came to visit and discovered how beautiful Utah is and decided I DID NOT want to go back to Illinois and now I work with all you awesome people here at Progrexion! Read More

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Introducing Paid Search Coordinator, Kevin Cook

Oh, what’s in a name!?

Kevin (Handsome), Harvey (Army-Warrior), Cook (Someone that prepares food).   So what’s in my name? I am a Handsome Army-Warrior that prepares food.  However, despite my non-existent narcissistic zeal, I would in this case amend my original statement to this; I am a Handsome Army-Warrior that is a Paid Search Coordinator at Progrexion Marketing and I enjoy eating food. 

Since this is my first blog post, I believe that an introduction is in order.  My career choice of digital marketing may seem a bit paradoxical for those that know me.  I have always been a laggard in technology.  For example, I’ve finally upgraded my fancy flip phone to my first smart phone, I downloaded my first app by myself two days ago, and I am currently writing my first non-school required blog.  The idea of me wanting to pursue a career in digital marketing may seem unfathomable, but as is the case with many paradoxes – it’s true. Read More

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Introducing Digital Marketing Analyst, Scott Sweeten

My name is Scott Sweeten and I am a new Digital Marketing Analyst here at Progrexion Marketing.  I have now been with Progrexion for about a month and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come and work here.  The atmosphere and co-workers here have been exactly what I was looking for in a new employer.  Many thanks go to my team who have all been extremely helpful and supporting during this period of transition.

I am originally from Sacramento, CA and my family moved here when I was about 10 years old.  Since then I have always lived along the Wasatch Front here in Utah.  I am a graduate of the University of Utah (Go Utes!) and I am a big time sports fan.  I am an especially big San Francisco 49’ers and Giants fan as those were the teams I grew up watching in California.  I am a big proponent of being active, and my favorite sport to play is definitely volleyball. Read More

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Introducing Talmage Call, Offline Marketing Manager

Hello blog. My name is Talmage Call.  If you don’t want to risk the pronunciation, you can go with Tally if it’s easier. I am new to Progrexion and have been here nearly 2 months.  I manage the offline channels for  I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with our agency and media

partners to ensure that sales and awareness come from these channels. I have also enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers at Progrexion.  These people definitely know how to eat and thoroughly enjoy food. Read More

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Introducing Paid Search Strategist, Matt Lloyd

My name is Matthew Lloyd, but you can call me Matt.  I am the Paid Search Strategist at Progrexion Marketing. I came from a similar industry in Ogden, Utah but I did Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) based on eCommerce – I’ve been doing PPC for nearly 3 years now. I grew up in Kaysville, Utah and played football, soccer, baseball, and just about any other sport you can think of. I enjoy listening to eating, music, going to the gym, traveling as much as possible, playing soccer and football (co-ed soccer and flag football of course in my old age), and spending time with my great wife and our two little kids. Read More

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Introducing Direct Response Coordinator, Jon Edwards

I’m Jon Edwards, not to be confused with the former Vice Presidential candidate, and I’m the new Direct Response Coordinator here at Progrexion. I have officially been with Progrexion a whopping one whole week now! I came straight here from Utah State University, I mean quite literally—I started here during finals week. So now I can officially say that I graduated from USU with a degree in Marketing. Read More

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