Testimonials. Are They Worth It?

I’ve been in the interviews, I’ve listened to the calls, and I’ve read the emails… Our members believe we can help them… and so do I.

We are marketers – we sing our own praise. Go to our sites, call our centers, listen to our ads, or read our material; we’ll tell you how great we are, and as a potential customer, that is exactly what you were expecting. Customers know and expect to be persuaded, but what pushes them from undecided into a paying client may often come down to that 3rd party word-of-mouth.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Interviews

Although I haven’t actually interviewed for a new job in almost 5 years & don’t plan on interviewing for another job anytime soon, I see a lot of people come into the office for interviews that could definitely use some help. I’ve put together some quick tips & tricks on how to really impress your future employer & stand out above the rest of the applicants.

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