Watching Super Bowl XLIX Can Improve Your Marketing

Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

The Seattle Seahawks are defending their Super Bowl championship after their comeback win against the Green Bay Packers over the weekend. Their fake field goal attempt put them back into the game and led to an overtime thriller. The New England Patriots owned their playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts and this will be their sixth trip to the big game in the Brady-Belichick era and their eighth overall. So why should you watch? The hope for many fans is that it will be an entertaining game and even more importantly, entertaining commercials! Here are a few reasons why you should watch the game on February 1st and a few fun facts to learn along the way. Read More

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No One Cares About Your Logo

The usual conference for me consists of website design, usability, and user experience, but this past week I attended a wild-card conference, that focused on branding. Taking on the task of creating and writing Style & Brand Guidelines for, this last quarter, gave me a new perspective on Brand and why we do what we do. It’s been a swift realization that Brand has nothing to do with colors, logos, terminology and tag-lines; it’s about emotion, experience, and stories. Here are a couple of highlights I pulled from the many presenters at Brand ManageCamp 2013.

 1. No One Cares About Your Logo, They Care About The Experience

Take the Ritz-Carlton: A family goes on vacation to the resort. After returning home they discover they’ve left behind their son’s favorite, most prized possession… Joshie, the stuffed Giraffe. Dad does what most parents would do, lie, and say that Joshie is taking an “extended vacation” at the resort. Read More

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I am a huge fan. I love what they do. I love the speakers they invite. I loved when JJ Abrams came on and attempted to explain the basic structure of a polypeptide. But, more than anything, I love WHY TED does what they do; and the reason is simple: “Ideas Worth Spreading”. I share that belief, and I watched an amazing talk recently that reminded me why great ideas are worth spreading. I had seen this talk several times before, but this last time I watched from the perspective of a marketer, specifically a TV and radio advertiser, and something changed for me. The presenter of this particular talk, Simon Sinek, proposes that we are not inspired so much by “what” or “how” organizations and people do things, but instead, WHY organizations and people do things.

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5 Stars

There are two things that I love in life. One is good food and the other is traveling. Over the last couple of years, my quest for these things has become wildly more efficient and successful. The reason for this is the invention of review sites or websites dedicated to consumer reviews and ratings of restaurants, hotels, attractions, and things to do.

I just used tripadvisor to plan a trip to Thailand.  I was traveling with 13 people during the busiest season of the year, and needed to make sure that we made the most of our time there. In my opinion, tripadvisor is the best thing that ever happened when it comes to planning a unique trip on a limited budget.  You can search hotels based on location, price and format. You can read specific reviews from other travelers.  You can search for local attractions or things to do in certain areas. You can read what others enjoyed doing and seeing in that city or country.

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I Have a Confession.

Dear Internet,

I have a confession to make… I’m 3 months “sober” of Diet Coke. I know, I know. It’s shocking. I get it. Trust me, no one was more surprised than I am. But, well… it was time. I needed a little break, and to give my body the chance to rid itself of the caffeine addiction that I’ve held onto for a long, long time*. Plus, I promised to support my sister when she had to give up caffeine for some health issues.

Yesterday I was on a business call and the person I was talking with, had Google’d me before the call. He had seen my blog post about my love of Diet Coke, and asked me if I had had one today. I kind of laughed, when I told him I was giving it a little break right now, to which he replied, “What? I thought that was part of who you are?!” And I realized he was right…

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