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Introducing Tyler North – Website and UX Manager

I feel like I need no introduction. Not because I am special, fantastic, skilled or humble, but because I have sent each of you the responsive report email every morning for the past 4½ months. Yep that is me who brightens your mornings. In case there is any doubt, the gap is closing.


As the Website and UX Manager I not only report on the key metrics. I also manage changes to the site to improve those metrics and user experience while on the site. I love my job! I have a few years of experience improving experience and marketing across websites and internal systems.

I had a strange introduction to marketing. While in college at the University of Utah (best school on the planet), I learned to love business and found an interest in how businesses grew or adversely became obsolete. I planned on majoring in Marketing until my first Marketing class. Maybe it was just the professor but I felt like the premise of marketing was deceit and trickery to get a sale. I was turned off and switched my major. Read More

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