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Three Misconceptions of Offline Marketing


1) All TV and radio advertising is expensive.

TV and radio ads can be expensive.  A 30-second TV spot for this year’s Super Bowl ad will cost 4 million dollars.  But not all spots sale at full retail price.  Think of the clearance rack at your favorite department store or the almost expired package of beef at the neighborhood grocery store. Well, there is the same type of offer when buyshutterstock_163882400ing media- commonly referred to as “remnant buys” in the media world.  Leftover inventory that was never sold can be picked up last minute for a fraction of retail price.  There is also the option of a “PI” or per inquiry deal that can help hedge risk by paying the buyer for every call they generate for your company.  So don’t be scared away from radio and TV just because Super Bowl ads are expensive.

 2) Radio is dead

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Fantasy Football Can Lead to Marketing Success

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is starting to cool down and stadiums around the country are beginning to fill for weekend football.  The sports fanatic at your place of employment may have roped you into a fantasy football league and you don’t know a thing about the NFL (thank you auto draft!).  Or maybe you host your own league with your high school buddies and have a small fortune riding on the season.  No matter your personal level of involvement, Fantasy football can remind us marketers about a few important concepts.

Fantasy football inspires conversation

People like to talk.  People like to hear themselves talk.  What is there to talk about?  Not sure about your office but mine has been humming with fantasy talk such as “who put up the most points?” and “Julius Thomas killed it week 1!”  Give your customers something to talk about.  If you don’t personally talk about the cool things your company is doing, then most likely your company isn’t doing anything worth talking about! When you give your customers something to talk about, they will share experiences with their friends, family, and co-workers, which in turn equals more future customers. Read More

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Introducing Talmage Call, Offline Marketing Manager

Hello blog. My name is Talmage Call.  If you don’t want to risk the pronunciation, you can go with Tally if it’s easier. I am new to Progrexion and have been here nearly 2 months.  I manage the offline channels for  I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with our agency and media

partners to ensure that sales and awareness come from these channels. I have also enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers at Progrexion.  These people definitely know how to eat and thoroughly enjoy food. Read More

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