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Every Department in Your Organization Affects Natural Search Rankings

Every company has a unique structure and it is important that all the different channels/departments communicate with each other about the overall appearance of their website in search engines. Make sure your SEO team is integrated with each department. Read More

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SEO, More Than Just Keywords and Links

There are over 200 signals that determine how your site ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Over time, search engines are mixing your brand strength into the equation and SEO firms are becoming more like creative agencies and brand strategists. Here are a couple of the 200 signals that relate to your brand strength:

Search Listing Click-Through-Rates

Pages that are listed in Google search results are ranked higher based on how many direct-clicks they get. So, if your website has a better-written “snippet” than the website above yours, you may get bumped up a spot, because people are more prone to click on your result.

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What Is Google Penguin 2.0? | When Penguins Attack

Google Penguin 2.0 is a continuation of Penguin 1.0 and Google’s continuous efforts to clean up search results and give users a better search experience. Google’s Penguin 2.0 update targets people who practice “black-hat” web spam. Meaning, “Techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.” One technique, for example, would be selling or buying links on advertorial pages in order to make your website rank higher in search results. So be wary of people who approach you and offer money to place a link on any advertorial or any other pages on your website. This would be in direct violation with Google’s guidelines and could result in your site losing traffic. Their goal is to surface truly authoritative websites in whatever niche the user is searching. If you own a website and publish great content for your readers then you probably don’t have to worry about Google Penguin. Read More

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Content Marketing Storm of 2013

Baton down the hatches and prepare for a whirlwind of blog posts, blog posts, and more blog posts, with a chance of infographics and visually stimulating media. I recently read a SlideShare post that starts out saying: “. . . the single biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing”.

As the demand for content grows, so does the demand for people who can create content. As we all race to make more content, we are stretching our talent thin. The added pressure on SEO agencies and writers will force them to outsource to keep up with demand. The result of this is a lot of thin and watered down content across the internet. Rand Friskin of SEOMOZ spells out this scenario nicely in this video.

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4 Things to Consider Before Starting a WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most powerful and dynamic publishing platforms on the internet. Almost anyone can publish a blog or website of some form in a matter of minutes. To any bootstrapping entrepreneur WordPress would be the go-to solution for their online needs. This open source platform is full of plugins for almost any solution. If you need a way for customers to upload a picture or fill out a form there’s a plugin for that. But with its ease of use there comes many drawbacks.

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Progrexion Employees Attend SLC|SEM With Rand Fishkin

This week, Progrexion employees were able to attend SLC|SEM’s event with Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz. Here are some takeaways from the event:


Getting the first ranking for your targeted keyword(s) is not always the answer to getting the most clicks. If your search results have more compelling calls to action, images or videos, then you will get more clicks than other results.

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Scraper Sites and Google Penguin – Why We All Suffer

Millions of websites have inadvertently reaped the benefits of scraper sites. A scraper site crawls the internet and scrapes snippets of information from other websites, compiling it all into a single domain. You can’t stop scrapers from finding your website, it’s just one of the things out of your control. But webmasters have learned to use this “black hat” (shady) SEO tactic to their advantage.

Scraper Sites and Links

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Inbound Marketing Without a Passion

Are you an inbound marketer, SEO, content strategist or other form of an online marketer? And do you work in an industry that has no relevance to your personal interests? Welcome to life as a marketing professional. But don’t let your lack of interest hinder your effectiveness as a professional!

There are many people around you who are passionate about your industry and they want their opinions heard. You are the person who is going facilitate the voices of your customers and colleagues!

Image source:

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Brand vs. Non-Brand SEO

Brand SEO

Large corporations and a lot of small businesses usually rank #1 in search engines for their brand name, with some exceptions of course. If your brand name is in the URL of your website this is more likely. For example, Lexington Law (a credit repair law firm) with a domain name of is likely to dominate the search results for their own name. Traffic trends for an established company, with a strong brand name, SEO might look like the graph below. There is very little opportunity for an SEO to optimize the website for the brand name.

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What is SEO?

Many people ask me what I do for a living. People who I work with even ask me “so what exactly do you do?” In answer to this question, that I am so often approached with, I do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But what is SEO? Instead of telling you what I do, I am going to show you.

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