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A Handy Guide to Corporate Lifestyle aka Progrexion Life…Part 2

I thought it was time I write a follow up to the wildly popular and successful first installment of the corporate lifestyle guide. I’ve actually been genuinely shocked at how many people have told me they have read the “how to dress at work” blog. It’s up to at least five or six people.

In the anticipated sequel and follow up we are going to go over how to survive the ultra-competitive atmosphere of corporate life. If you follow these steps you will start to see success flow from your veins like an eternal spring of hope.Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.55.06 PM

Rule number 1. Be nice.

Whoa there! That’s some heavy advice. This is probably the most important rule you can live by, whether you are in the corporate lifestyle or not. Being nice is something that some people forget to do even though it’s crucial. This goes hand in hand with “Likeability”. The Wall Street Journal wrote a great ariticle on this in March of 2015. Trust me google it, here is a highlight though…

“Likable people are more apt to be hired, get help at work, get useful information from others and have mistakes forgiven.” Read More

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The Importance of Perspective in Marketing

When I was in 8th grade, my Jr. High put on the production of Fiddler on the Roof. I had such a significant role in it that I didn’t even come out for half of my cues. My parents wouldn’t even have noticed me not being there. But something stuck out from that recently. In the play Fiddler on the Roof the opening song is a very spirited number titled “Tradition!” In this song, Tevye the main character is singing about all of the traditions of the town, and says this….


“And among ourselves, we get along perfectly well. Of course, there was the time when he sold him a horse, but delivered a mule, but that’s all settled now. Now we live in simple peace and harmony and…”

After he sings this line, the townsfolk all start arguing if it was a horse or a mule, until the half the town is shouting back and forth, voicing their opinions as to what they believe it to be. Where am I getting to with all of this? I thought you’d never ask.

The Dress. Read More

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A Handy Guide to Corporate Lifestyle aka Progrexion Life


IMG_1767 copy

So you landed yourself a sweet digital marketing job, congratulations! Digital marketing is a great field and can be a very fast paced and rewarding career, but now what?

This first of the series will talk about apparel. An old cliché says…

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

But I have the job I want. So what do I do? Well you are in luck! Here is a daily guide to dressing in the office that will not only provide you the fast track to the next promotion but also the admiration of your coworkers and partners alike. Read More

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How to Provide an Outrageous Client Experience

At Progrexion we have hundreds of acronyms. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I found out Progrexion was some type of next level ninja Acronyn. I’m going to talk about a very important acronym for Progrexion: P.A.C.E. I’d like to go over what the P stands for.

Provide an Outrageous Client Experience:

But what does that mean? It means every single employee here tries to go above and beyond the realm of what is considered good customer service to our clients. Each one of us have different clients. Our agents have the callers calling in. Our paid search team and design team have their vendors and ad partners. On the affiliate side we have our affiliates and partners. Read More

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Adapt Your Marketing to Your Customer

In college I had a class taught by a hippy where he would dance around the class and play the drums. I thought it was very strange at first but I ended up learning more in that class than maybe any other class. One of the main things we would discuss in the class is coevolution. Coevolution is the study of two things evolving simultaneously. One must evolve to continue to adapt with the other. If it doesn’t evolve it risks the threat of disappearing altogether.

Here is a quick example. A certain species of moth was risking extinction by owls because they would always eat them. The moth slowly evolved to look more and more like it’s surroundings and so the owls were all of a sudden in trouble. What happened? The owls eye sight started to get better to spot the moths and they slowly evolved together. Read More

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Jack Sparrow, Steve Jobs and The Power of Being Different in Marketing

In 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean was nothing more than an attraction at Disneyland… and Michael Jackson’s house.  Pirate movies as a whole really hadn’t done well at the box office and, in general, really weren’t that popular. The most popular pirates were the baseball team in Pittsburgh. Now it seems we have a cultural fascination with swash bucklers, gold chests, and all things pirate! Arrrrrrrrgh matey! What has changed? Someone dared to be different.

Johnny Depp Dared To Be Different

When Johnny Depp originally unveiled his vision of Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney executives were shocked! They didn’t know if Jack Sparrow was some sort of drunk or freak. One Disney executive (who will remain nameless) even proclaimed “He’s ruining the film!” Oops.

Read More

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Introducing Hot Swap Coordinator, Robert Olson

Hi everyone. My name is Robert Olson. I am the new Hot Swap coordinator at Progrexion. I have been at Progrexion marketing for the long time of about 42 days (but who’s counting?).  I came from a smaller business that focused on individual marketing campaigns, PR, and auctions. So I have a pretty diverse background that mainly was focused on marketing, sales, and customer service.  I also moonlight as a professional auctioneer (yes that kind of auctioneer) and do corporate events and benefit galas for schools, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, sports, listening to music, playing games, and watching and singing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (The greatest movie of all time). Read More

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