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Little Changes Make All the Difference

I was talking with a partner and working with them on the way that we could increase our conversion percentage 2%.   I was trying to convince them of what a huge deal this should be to them.

I guess to most people 2% is pretty trivial, if they have to pay $1.02 for something that used to only cost $1.00 – then that’s just part of life – but I think of this as a small part that needs some serious attention, because a lot of little changes can take you from average to exceptional.   Let me give you some examples: Read More

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Introduction: Robb Kofoed

Hey, I’m Robb Kofoed, but many of my friends know me simply as ‘Danger’…  I am the Business Development Manager and have been here at Progrexion Marketing for just over 2 months.  I’m excited to be part of such a great company that is offering a unique value to the market and growing at such a rapid rate.

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