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Marianne Barnes is the Afliate Manager for Progrexion. Marianne brings more than six years of marketing experience with a background in online and ofine marketing, strategic planning, branding, public relations. She has worked in both agency and corporate environments, including and CARFAX. Marianne holds a degree in Communications from George Mason University. Marianne is a native of Virginia, and now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and their dog, Tigger. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, music, shing and hiking.
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Why You Should Consider a Pay-Per-Call Campaign

Pay-Per-Call is a performance-based advertising model in which traffic is sent through an advertised phone number, connecting the consumer with the merchant. It is rapidly growing in popularity within the U.S., as nearly half of our population uses smart phones – and this number continues to climb each year. The financial services industry is one which has demonstrated huge success with this model, which makes sense. Most businesses in this space provide unique services, based on the needs of an individual consumer, and in many cases you are also dealing with personal information. Conversion rates are typically much higher over the phone.

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5 Relationship Tips that Apply to Affiliate Marketing

We all work hard to maintain our personal relationships – with friends, family and significant others – but when it comes to managing an affiliate program, we sometimes take business relationships for granted. We get so caught up in metrics, optimization, recruiting, maintenance, etc., that we sometimes forget affiliate marketing involves two parties who are equally trying to find success.  There are real people behind emails and conference calls – without them, there is no affiliate program.

Here are 5 quick relationship tips that apply to both personal and business:

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The Mozart Effect…Sort Of.

The Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect is a controversial theory, suggesting that those who listen to classical music at an early age may become smarter. This possible discovery is the reason why so many parents play Pachelbel or Mozart for their infants, in hopes that they will experience an increase in brain activity and have a higher IQ later in life.

Whether or not you agree that classical music has any correlation with early childhood development or human intelligence, I think that most of us have a playlist for just about everything in life – working out, vacations, a girl’s night out, songs to listen to when we’re down, etc. It’s “the soundtrack to our life,” as I like to call it, and it can help direct our moods and can even make us more productive. Don’t you run a little faster when an upbeat song comes on? Exactly.

For those days when I’m buried in busy work, music can really turn a day that drags into just a busy day that wasn’t so bad. A good playlist can Read More

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Office Pet Peeves – Are You an Offender?

Who doesn’t have pet peeves, especially when it comes to work? Let’s face it, we spend most of our lives surrounded by our co-workers and have to tolerate little annoyances that we think about but do not say. In fact, after all my research and surveys, most people have the same common issues at work. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered – I thought it would be fun to air it all out! Put yourselves in check and have a laugh.

Here we go – the most common office pet peeves:

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What Does a Fitness Trainer Know about Internet Marketing?

A month leading up to my recent vacation, I decided to try to get in better shape by doing a workout video by Jillian Michaels. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t enjoy working out and hardly ever do. Oh, and I’m from the South so I love my fried foods and carbs. I have no idea how to read food labels and no concept of portion control. Perhaps what pushed me is my husband started P90X and is doing great with it!

I picked up a 30 day workout, which means 20 minutes of high-intensity workouts every day for 30 days (basically 20 minutes of hell every day).For someone who hardly ever works out, I felt great about myself for keeping up with it for 22 days straight! I had to stop due to an injury, which was frustrating, but I actually found out that I enjoyed the short interval workouts as opposed to hours at the gym.

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Getting Paid for Calls?

With Lexington Law’s Pay-Per-Call Program You Can!

A program fairly new to the affiliate world is Pay-Per-Call, which Lexington Law offers through Ring Revenue within the Commission Junction and Pepper Jam networks. It’s just another great way to earn more money for the traffic you send. For advertisers like Lexington Law, who generates the bulk of its sales over the phone, the addition of a pay-per-call program has been phenomenal for sales and tracking. In fact, nearly 90 percent of clients, who sign up for Lexington Law, do so over the phone. I should mention here that Lexington Law does pay on all sales, whether the client signs up online or over the phone, within its regular online affiliate program. The only difference for publishers within the Ring Revenue program is the ability to promote multiple, toll-free phone numbers to track multiple ad campaigns. And, through the Pay-Per-Call program, you earn money for both meeting a call duration requirement and a client sign up.

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Happy Jerzday! Fist Pumpin’ Marketing Tips From the Jersey Shore

I am not afraid to admit that I never miss an episode of Jersey Shore and probably reference the show in my daily life. What’s not to love, anyway? Meaningless hook-ups, dramatic break ups, hair extensions, blowouts and over-tanning? Thursday nights will never be the same. When people tell me I’m killing brain cells watching my trashy TV shows, I think they are boring! And, just to prove to those who hate on the Jersey Shore that they’re wrong, I’ve come up with some educational tips that only our beloved fist-pumpin’ gorilla juice heads can teach us about marketing.

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Web Site Not Converting? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself.

Many of our affiliate partners spend time developing their website but then find that the optimization piece can be a very daunting task. The first thing I suggest is to take a step back and review the site holistically – get others to review it also and give feedback. It could be just a simple change or you may find that you need to really do some work. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

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Become a Better Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a valuable channel for an advertiser to build awareness of the products or services it sells. As an affiliate marketer, you are an extension of the business and team and you should work together with your affiliate manager to ensure the overall success of the program. After working as an affiliate manager for a few years now, I decided to put together some tips and advice for those who are newer to the industry. Hopefully it will help someone who is eager to grow their program and who may not know where to start. Here it goes – six tips on how to become a better affiliate marketer: Read More

Enhancing Relationships Across the Company

This week each member of the marketing team was asked to present to a small group of call center agents to help bridge the gap between our departments. The initial goal was to help our agents gain a better understanding of how each channel in marketing works and how leads are generated. Yesterday, was my turn. I walked through the whole presentation about the different channels in marketing that drive inbound calls – paid search, natural search, direct response, online affiliate, etc. I explained the sales funnel and how each of us works to capture clients early who have an interest in credit repair, and who need an affordable solution. Read More

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