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Katie is the Online Team Strategist for Progrexion Marketing. She has worked in many capacities with an escalating degree of responsibility over her four-year tenure at Progrexion. Katie enjoys the mixture of creativity, problem solving, and analytics she uses on a daily basis in the online marketing space. Katie graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in Business Management. Out of the office, Katie enjoys traveling to sunny destinations, following the Utah Jazz, and going to live concerts.
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With Great Projects Come Great Responsibility

Recently the Progrexion team has taken on an enormously complex project called: Automated Forecasting and Invoicing in the Business Management System.  This project is unique because it involves many departments across the company, and the nature of the logic that is being built is extremely intricate. Projects between our marketing team and IT team, our marketing team and creative team, etc. are fairly common. But this project has involved our marketing, IT, creative, and accounting teams! Wow. It’s not often so many departments collaborate together through the inception, build out and launch of a project.

As I’ve participated in this cross-functional project, I have learned a lot about working on a project of this magnitude. Here are some tips as you jump into projects that require teamwork between many departments: Read More

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Our Path to Supporting Mobile

In June of 2012, I attended An Event Apart – Boston for the first time. Sitting through the sessions – I felt like I had struck gold! I was soaking up all the do’s and don’ts that others in the industry had figured out, through their own trial and error as they moved to responsive and mobile platforms for their websites.

With their tips and tricks, I had a jumpstart to understanding the pitfalls and successes that others have seen while transitioning websites to support a whole new world of interactions with users.

Coming back to the office – I was eager to jump into the process of figuring out our own do’s and don’ts for improving the user experience for the 40% (and growing) of visitors to our websites. Here are some of the big learnings we’ve had, as we’ve tested and optimized our check out funnels for mobile: Read More

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Creating an Agile Playground

As all tech companies can tell you, the relationship between business and IT teams is a partnership that is necessary, critical, constantly transforming, and occasionally aggravating.

At Progrexion, we work hard to maintain the secret sauce for keeping our cross functional work efficient, progressive, and fulfilling for all team members involved. About a year ago, our software team made a huge organizational shift to their work flow. Gone were the days of one large project request and here were the days of scoping, sizing and velocity. We officially entered the Agile Development landscape.

As the Product Owner for our marketing systems, there are very clear successes from integrating this new process; as well as new areas that need to be maintained and monitored to ensure the success of the process. If your company transitions to this trendy new organizational model, prepare yourself for both the increased efficiency and the attention that will be needed for people management. Petier Fabrique gave an excellent synopsis on the things to look for with Agile during his recent presentation at SXSW this year.

Here is my Top 5 list of “facts to know” when jumping into Agile – based on our transition to the new model with our Progrexion marketing and IT teams.

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Be Inspired

One thing that I make a conscious effort to do through my work day involves seeking out ideas, concepts, conferences, and articles and that keep me inspired. For me, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the problems of the hour, day or week. Constantly staring at my to-do list, and working my way through checking off items that need to be handled, can stifle my creativity if I don’t take time to look outside my world of influence for new ideas. Being inspired is a great feeling, and I see direct results in my productivity, brainstorming, and follow through when I make “being inspired” a priority.

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Size Matters: Why “Awareness” Campaigns Make Sense

If you haven’t seen one of the 100 million+ views of the most viral video in history that hit the internet last week, I’ll get you up to speed really quick. A 30 minute long video was published to the interwebs last week called Kony 2012, spreading a message about issues plaguing Uganda and other surrounding countries. This video has outpaced every single viral video you’ve seen or heard about. Want to see how fast it’s outpaced other viral hits? Look here!

Awareness Campaigns

I know this viral message has stirred up passionate opinions about the topics in the Kony 2012 video, and while it’d be fun to start a heated debate with opinions on the video, there’s already enough of those conversations happening. I’m going to use this viral success to demonstrate the purpose behind awareness campaigns.

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The battle against: “One Word, Many Meanings”

In working across departments here at Progrexion, I see how easily the same word can carry a different definition from one group to another. When working with Human Resources, Teleservices, Marketing, Legal, Teleservices, and Development – oftentimes one of the biggest hurdles we face is making sure we’re talking about the same thing.  Even though we are SAYING the same thing, we often MEAN different things. Because each department has a unique perspective and differing priorities as far as what is important to look for, you’ll find each person has subconsciously given their own personal twist to what specific words means. Read More

Team Mojo

One of the most critical factors to my success in the workplace relies on who I am surrounded by. The people who I see Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, have the power to make my job exciting, exhilarating, and accomplished – or to drain me of all my energy, passion, and effort. Luckily, Progrexion has an uncanny ability to maintain a team mojo that can rival any work environment. Here are some areas that I believe all companies who are seeking out the best – in –the –industry professionals, should focus on to provide a killer workplace to help employees thrive:

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Using Analytics to Drive Marketing Decisions

In the marketing field, there are constantly questions of: What’s next? Where do we go from here? What do we do now? Our Progrexion Marketing team is constantly asking questions to find ways to improve what we currently have running and to also launch new products, offers, and marketing messages.

The big question is HOW? How do you determine what’s working and what’s not? It’s easy to make decisions from personal preferences and the opinions of others in the office. That is the easy answer to HOW, but it’s not the right answer. The right answer is to look at the cold, hard numbers. But that answer can make marketers squirm. Here’s my take on why most marketers lean towards “feelings” for marketing directions, and why smart marketers focus on numbers instead. Read More

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Left Brain — Right Brain

I’d like to introduce myself on my opening post, to help give background into where I have experience and where my passions are in the online marketing space. I’ve been working with Progrexion for the past four and a half years – in that time I’ve worked in the lead generation, paid search, direct response and project management arenas. For me, I love taking big ideas for the business and finding ways to effectively implement changes and new concepts on a detailed level to make sure we’re 1) providing a great consumer experience and 2) becoming more productive and progressive as a company. If I can accomplish those two goals with an initiative, I feel like it was successful effort. Read More

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