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Email – Why Complicate Something Simple?

Is bigger always better? I say no, especially when it comes to email. It’s been my experience that there are times to be longwinded and times to get to right to the point, and email is a time to get right to the point.IMG_1214

Just think for a minute about how many marketing emails you receive each day. Of those emails how many do you even open? Of those that you open how many do you read all the way through? You get the idea. What I’m getting at is that all too often marketers feel like they need to take an entire sales process and make it fit into a consumer’s inbox.

So let’s discuss some simple steps to keep your emails short, sweet, and direct. Read More

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Preheaders – The Key to Email Opens


No matter how creative or how wonderful your email content may be it is completely useless unless it gets opened. So the big question remains, how do you get consumers to open your emails? Historically email marketers have relied on crafting enticing subject lines to get opens. While the subject line is great and all, it really only accounts for half of the equation in getting emails opened. You might ask then, what is this missing half of the equation? Well the email’s preheader of course!

What is the preheader? Read More

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Deliverability – The Underrated Email Metric

Opens, clicks, click-through rate, volume… The list goes on of important metrics when considering the success of an email campaign. However, all too often these seem to overshadow the importance of tracking the less fun metrics that influence deliverability.

What is email deliverability?

Deliverability is essentially the likelihood of getting an email into a subscriber’s inbox. While this may sound fairly simple, there are many factors that go into ensuring the delivery of emails to the inbox. When you think about it, this makes deliverability one of the most important aspects of email marketing. It doesn’t matter how many email addresses you are sending to if those emails will never make it to the inbox.

What can be done? Read More

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4 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Message

Everyone likes to feel that they belong and fit in with the crowd. However, at the same time people often want to stand out in the same crowd to which they belong. While this may seem a little counter intuitive, take for instance the world of professional sports. You will have a hard time finding a team where the players do not have their names displayed prominently on the back of their uniforms. While this may seem a bit vain, it is basic human nature and it’s an important lesson for marketers to learn.

Let’s consider how this basic human nature can relate to your brand’s audience. With the recent obsession of marketing’s new favorite topic, big data, the door has been left wide open to capitalize through personalization. However, as much as everyone likes to talk about big data and personalization, it can be hard to know where to start. So let’s lay out the best way to go about setting up your message personalization. Read More

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The Power and Benefits of Direct Mail

In the fast paced world that we live in it is often hard to get your message heard, let alone stand out in the mind of consumers. With the increases in technology recently, it has opened many doors for marketers to reach and target consumers in new and innovative ways. Social media, display, SMS and many more new platforms have been very successful for marketers in reaching their audiences. However, these platforms have also created a problem of digital clutter.  As we are able to reach more people using technology it becomes tricky to be heard and not ignored. So rather than trying to reinvent the wheel to be heard, why not consider what already exists?

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Introducing Direct Response Coordinator, Jon Edwards

I’m Jon Edwards, not to be confused with the former Vice Presidential candidate, and I’m the new Direct Response Coordinator here at Progrexion. I have officially been with Progrexion a whopping one whole week now! I came straight here from Utah State University, I mean quite literally—I started here during finals week. So now I can officially say that I graduated from USU with a degree in Marketing. Read More

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