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Treat Your Best Customers, Best



Businesses get built on “more”. More customers, more sales, more employees, more cash. More market share, more dividends, and more bonuses. Show a boss a chart with a sales line, and she will ask for more. This is not a bad thing on its own. The struggle is that as business leaders in search for more customers we are prone to ignore the relationships we have with our current customers. We give our new customer a hat for signing up, but ignore the customer who has been with us the last five years.

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3 Affiliate Predictions for 2015

With 2015 upon us, here are three predictions that will come to pass this year in the Affiliate Marketing space.shutterstock_176346959

1. Affiliate Nexus Laws will continue to pop up, irritate, and require diligent resistance. Vermont’s “Poison Pill” of requiring 15 states to enact similar laws is on its way, with multiple states introducing or re-introducing legislation during their respective sessions.

  1. This will require retailers and merchants to be de facto tax collectors or dramatically alter (and in many cases sever) their relationship with affiliates.
  2. It remains to be seen the value to the states that are driving these through, but we all know the big box retailers are the ones benefitting.
  3. Getting to know who to send an email/letter/phone call to in your state is worth the time, odds are you will need to reach out.

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3 Lessons on Failure: If you don’t succeed—fail, fail, again.

A young boy was walking home from practice. He carries his bat in one hand and a ball in the other. Tossing the ball into the air, he grips the bat and swings with all his might, only to miss. Undeterred, he scoops the ball up, regains his form, and tries once more without success. As he nears my vantage point, I can hear him make a low exclamation of “wow!” after each miss.shutterstock_209417962

He continues to toss, swing, and miss and each time exclaims “Wow.” Finally after 27 tosses and failures to hit, he exclaims, “Wow, what a pitcher!” Read More

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Preparation Tips for Getting the Most out of an Affiliate Conference

With Affiliate Summit coming up this weekend, I wanted to share preparation tips for getting the most out of an affiliate conference. For those outside the industry, Affiliate Summit is the largest and most well-known affiliate conference in the country.  The conference is hosted by Shawn Collins, typically in New York (Affiliate Summit East) and Las Vegas (Affiliate Summit West).  Over the past years, Shawn expanded the destinations and events, and so it now includes the great city of Austin, Texas as well as other locations.

Progrexion consistently attends both the New York and Las Vegas conferences as we continue to grow Lexington Law and  It is a valuable resource for meeting with existing partners, finding new partners and opportunities, and keeping a pulse on the industry trends.

1.)   Set your goals:

Clearly, definitively, and demonstratively, such as:

  1. I will learn or re-learn 3 techniques for making my job easier and will employ at least one of these within 1 week of my return
  2. I will add at least 5 new strategic partners who will produce at least 5% of my new client referrals over the next 90 days Read More
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4 Attributes of Successful Affiliates

As an Affiliate Manager, I consult a wide array of advertisers and publishers, from multi-national firms, to the weekend affiliate warrior. It is one of my favorite parts of my career. Every affiliate I partner with and help grow their business has unique challenges they are facing—they also have unique talents to find success. I consistently get asked, “What are your best affiliates doing?”

Here are the attributes I find in the most successful:

They stay Hungry: Affiliates who consistently want to know “what else” they can do find success much sooner than those who are “content”.  These guys are the hungry ones, they’re the ones that make that extra blog post, test out one more set of keywords, and rotate that old banner for the new one. These are the ones the big companies fear the most. Read More

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Can a Marketing Firm Make a Difference?

Sisyphus had a pretty good thing going, being king and all. As a bit of a smarty pants who everyone seemed to want to be around, he founded Corinth and begun his rule that would extend for generations. He was also as crafty as they came. Despite not owning a single Hallow, he was able to outsmart Death by locking the all-time-trickster in the closet.

(I am no expert in tourism marketing, but I am confident P.T. Barnum could have made a mint selling out of that attraction.)

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