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Why It Pays to Hire a Lawyer

I’ve always considered myself to be an upright member of society- a responsible citizen. So imagine my surprise, just a few months ago, when my city filed a charge against me for something I didn’t do. The charge was minimal, and the fines were something I could certainly handle, but I didn’t feel right about passively accepting my unjust fate. I notified the court that I wanted to fight the ticket and a few, short weeks later, I was at a bench trial fighting for my justice.shutterstock_105579614

I had researched a bit about the legal system, but there weren’t many resources out there specific to my situation. I considered hiring a lawyer to aid in my defense, but due to the low cost of the ticket, it just didn’t make financial sense. Once the trial was underway, I was immediately lost in a sea of judicial jargon. I almost regretted taking the time to go to court and definitely wished I had someone on my side- someone to fight for me. Read More

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Introducing Online Affiliate Coordinator, Brittany Brackenbury


I moved from my home, in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an 18 year old to pursue a career in business. Six years, and a few adventures later, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Business Management (Marketing) degree, but I wasn’t always so convinced that marketing was what I really wanted to do. I was blessed with an adventurous spirit and tried my hand at some odd jobs during my education. In the past two years, I have worked in both a Trauma-1 Emergency Room and as an Alaskan tour bus driver. I feed off of energy and excitement, so sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day hasn’t always been the most enticing idea. Pair that with full-time employment (AKA not much time for travels) and a business career made me truly scared to grow up. Read More

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