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Addie is the Hot Swap Coordinator at Progrexion Marketing. Since coming to the Hot Swap program she has grown partnership volume over 250%. She is extremely detail and goal oriented and sees projects through until they meet her satisfaction. Addie studied at Utah State University and other state colleges. Over her four year tenure at Progrexion, Addie has worked her way up from the front desk receptionist to her current position over the Hot Swap channel. Addie is very active in the outdoors and enjoys spending time with her husband and new baby.
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How to Set Goals

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals”
-Larry Bird

How are your resolutions coming along? Now almost 3 months into the New Year, have you slacked off or completely forgotten about them? One of my goals this year was to get in shape & save more money. Luckily I have a vacation coming up that is helping me remember to stay in shape. And luckily my husband helps keep me in check on the ‘saving money’ goal. But why do we set New Year’s Resolutions in the first place? I know that none of us set goals with the intention to break them, but more often than not, this is what ends up happening. So why do we do this? For me, I feel like a New Year means I can be a new person, or an improved person & my goals/resolutions reflect that. So why are they so hard to keep? We’re not thinking about it constantly. On average it takes 28 days to make a habit. So if you make it from January 1-28th with your resolutions you’ll probably be in good shape. But sometimes the best way to improve ALL YEAR LONG is to constantly remind yourself of those goals you’ve set & the reason behind why you set those goals.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Becoming Financially Fit

As we near the end of the 2012 year, a lot of people start reflecting on the year & asking themselves certain questions; Did I accomplish all I set out to accomplish? Was it a good  year for me? Or a bad year? Then after the reflection stage takes place, the resolutions to do better in the upcoming year start to flow. Well… I didn’t quit smoking like I wanted to, so I’ll try that again this year. Or I got close to my 30 pound weight loss goal but, didn’t quite reach it – I’ll do that next year, etc. According to, these are the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions made in 2012: Read More

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How to Improve Your Workday

I was reading some articles online the other day & found an article that intrigued me. It was called “10 Tricks for a Fabulous Workday”. It got me thinking, are there ways that I could be improving my work ethic & improving my overall attitude on my day just by taking simple steps each day? Here is my take on their suggestions.

1. Start with 15 minutes of positive input

  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have 15 minutes in the morning to do anything but brush my teeth & run out the door. So, instead of reading a positive thinking book in the morning or watching something uplifting on TV why not put a positive thought on your mirror. Just seeing something positive right when you wake up can change your attitude & direction for the entire day. Something as simple as, “Have a great day!” displayed on your mirror will help you get started on the right foot.

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The Power of Being Punctual

“The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it.” – Franklin P. Jones

Now if you know me, you know that I am not the most punctual person in the world. I try to be & I have intentions to be, but it’s an area I’m constantly working on. But when it comes to making your business appointments and deadlines, punctuality is key.

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A Positive Attitude Effects Everything

Is the cup half empty or half full? How do you see it?

All of us have stuff that happens to us that makes us look at our situation in a negative or positive way.

I’ve always termed myself as a “realist.” I feel I’m realistic about my situations and about my future. My husband on the other hand is 100% an optimist. I’ve always said, “Hope for the best but, expect the worst.” My husband has always said, “Expect the best.” Can you see why I love him so much? He’s incredible. He always sees the glass half full and half empty isn’t even an option to him.

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Being a Leader

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

When put into a management position you need to become a leader in some way or another. Some people would never consider themselves a leader but when put into a situation you have to make it work. In the last 2 years in my management position I’ve learned that I can’t try & be like other leaders around me, I have to be myself. But how do you do that? Focus on your strengths. Some people are excellent at giving presentations while others are terrified of it. Some people excel in organization while others make a messy trail wherever they go. Focus on what you excel at, and strengthen those you lead through that example.

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How Are We Influenced by Media?

My husband is currently in school getting his bachelor’s degree in speech communications. I often ask him about the school work he has to do or the future assignments he has coming up. The other night we were talking about a paper he has coming up & it intrigued me. The topic is about the media influencing society & the society influencing media. Hello! I work in marketing, of course this intrigued me. There were 4 different ways that media can have an influence on society or reasons why we participate in media.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Interviews

Although I haven’t actually interviewed for a new job in almost 5 years & don’t plan on interviewing for another job anytime soon, I see a lot of people come into the office for interviews that could definitely use some help. I’ve put together some quick tips & tricks on how to really impress your future employer & stand out above the rest of the applicants.

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Prioritizing Tasks

As a full-time employee & full-time mom I know the meaning of busy. I understand that there are a lot of tasks that need to be done each day, week & month. It can get overwhelming to see a list of to-do’s that aren’t being crossed off so I thought this month I’d focus on how to prioritize your to-do list so that it 1. Minimizes your stress level & 2. Maximizes your efficiencies.

When you’re looking at your list of to-do’s ask yourself these 4 questions. Read More

Goal Setting

It’s a new year and therefore people are making new resolutions. Why not use that motivation people are using in their personal lives right now & incorporate that into your business relationships? Everybody likes having clear goals & ways to improve & optimize. By setting clear goals you can get your team, partnerships & even yourself excited about the new year AND new opportunities. Read More