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Introducing Online Affiliate Coordinator: Jen Dicou

Marketing Background

Hi, I’m Jen Dicou (Dee-ko) and I joined the Progrexion team last month as the Online Affiliate Coordinator. The environment here is high-energy and encouraging. I look forward to expanding support for our Affiliates; I enjoy identifying client needs and presenting them with solutions. I have a very diverse background in account management, product development, sales and marketing. Most recently I was the Marketing & Sourcing Manager for a small surface design company, finding creative ways to market and build our brand with a very small budget. Before that, I was an Account Manager helping companies with their promotional product needs. I enjoy cultivating business partnerships and creating greater brand awareness.

About Me

I love spending time with my family and friends, especially on vacations. During a recent trip to the Netherlands with my husband, I discovered my love for castles and European forests. I can’t believe that hundreds of years ago architects built homes, castles and bridges without CAD programs, and many of those buildings are still standing. In my spare time I like to road bike, photograph architecture and landscapes, read, create T-shirt designs, digital scrapbook and play games. I think of the best comebacks, after the fact, and my friends appreciate my crazy factual recall.

Copy editing is my thing; I like finalizing documents. Our grammar and spelling abilities seem to be getting worse due to our reliance on auto-correct features. It amazes me how often I see websites with grammatical errors or misspelled words. Websites are the storefront of our businesses. Typos are like clutter in the entry, or a broken door; customers may stumble and change their mind about entering our business. A company’s image can be undermined by simple typographical errors. A few ways to prevent typos are:

  1. Read the document backwards line by line; taking the information out of context makes it easier to find grammatical errors.
  2. Read your text out loud; it will help you hear any errors.
  3. An extra set of eyes to review an article can also help find things you might not have seen.
  4. Employ a copy editor to review your website content.

Although it’s fun to read about last year’s Typos of the Year, let’s leave those honors to the newspaper agencies.


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