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Fantasy Football

I am a huge college football fan. I have gone to games at the University of Utah since I was a child. I have always enjoyed the game and even wanted to be an offensive coordinator when I was 13. I absolutely love college football but when it comes to the NFL, I am completely lost. I don’t feel like I have a “team” to cheer for so maybe that is why my interest in it lacks a little. I seem to gravitate towards teams who have players that I knew from their college days.

We are participating in a fantasy football league, as a marketing department; we just finished our draft a few days ago. Last year we also participated in fantasy football, but I don’t think I even looked at my team after the draft was over. I didn’t even know who half of my team was and I didn’t really care. This year though, I have decided to dedicate time each week to look at my team and make sure I have the best possible players in my lineup and I even watched the opening game with the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. I still don’t have a team I want to cheer for this year, but I really want to give fantasy football my effort and attention.

This additional attention may be because my husband is extremely excited about his own fantasy football league and he knows a lot about the sport but, I think you can give anything an honest effort if you choose to. Working in a marketing company, there are a lot of unknown and unfamiliar areas. When I started at this company almost 3 years ago now, I had to learn a lot about the different channels and marketing efforts our team was working on. I had to decide to give an effort and choose to dedicate the time to learn.

Whether it is something that we are really passionate about, or if it is something we need a little motivation to move us forward, we should always be looking for ways to learn and progress. Dedicate time and effort to something you want to be a part of and find reasons to keep striving for it. Whether it is fantasy football or a new marketing strategy, stay driven and find that purpose!

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