Women in Leadership Spotlight: Lisa Kimball

Meet Lisa Kimball,Women in Leadership Spotlight, Lisa Kimball Vice President of Partner Relations for Credit.com, working out of the Salt Lake City office. Lisa came onto the Credit.com team in April to manage strategic partnerships, account management and sales operations. She has more than 15 years of experience in banking and has worked in a wide variety of roles, including relationship management, operations management, process improvement and finance.

 1. Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day.

My days are very different depending on our team’s focus for the week and what kind of partner initiatives are underway. I love the variety. I switch gears from outlining strategies to optimize marketplaces for partners like Experian and myFICO, to working with our advertising partners on the inventory of offers we have available and placement of those offers, to reviewing operational and compliance processes. I enjoy working with the team and ensuring the success of our partners (which then drives our success).

2. When you first started your career, what were your ambitions? Have they changed?

I started my career as a CPA focused on corporate tax and forensic accounting. I found out fairly quickly that I didn’t love that work and began to consider how to switch gears. I was able to leverage my accounting background to work as a consultant specializing in system implementations for large financial and HR/Payroll systems. That led me into roles in finance, procurement, operations and relationship management. My career ambitions have been fairly consistent – to continue to grow and develop professionally while contributing to an organization that makes a positive impact. I have had to balance that ambition with a need for flexibility and stability to allow time to raise a family and enjoy activities outside of work.

3. What were some of your biggest challenges when you first started to take on leadership roles?

The biggest challenge in shifting to leadership roles was understanding that the work I did individually needed to take a backseat to making sure the team could accomplish their work. Basically, that the most important role of the leader is to set the vision, ensure it’s well communicated and help the team with any barriers that get in their way of executing. Making that shift, and letting go of the “doing it myself” mentality was very challenging.

4. How has mentorship impacted your career?

I have benefited from a handful of very impactful mentors – some were my direct managers and others were colleagues who were willing to take the time to provide useful feedback. In a variety of situations, those mentors have helped me tackle tough problems, provided encouragement and celebrated successes. I am grateful for each of these mentors and the help that they have given me.

5. How would you describe your leadership style?

I aspire to be a supportive leader – helping each person on my team to be successful. That includes providing direct and thoughtful feedback alongside encouragement and removing barriers and roadblocks. I tend to be very results focused and enjoy helping find creative solutions to our business problems.

6. What female leaders do you admire and why?

When I think of female leaders, I tend to think of women that I have known personally.  My grandmother is a great example – she had many challenges during her life and forged through them with amazing strength. At the same time, she instilled her values of hard work, fairness and service to her children and grandchildren.

7. How does diversity impact your team?

Diversity is an important aspect to my team because it helps us to see things from a variety of perspectives and to solve challenges in more creative ways. Valuing the contribution that each team member can make, especially when their experience and opinions differ from mine, is a key element of success.

8. How do you identify potential leaders on your team?

I believe that everyone is a leader – that individual actions have an impact on those around us whether or not that is part of the job title. I encourage my team to be aware of their own influence and to leverage that to help themselves and others be successful.

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