MCS Team Spotlight

Progrexion MCS Team

How does your team collaborate/work with the marketing department? 

MCS supports OTS/NCOTS, Efolks, and LETS/CRETS. These applications have very
direct ties within marketing; including lead and affiliate management, campaign tracking and reporting, call center scripting and reporting, and remarketing.

We enjoy great collaboration with the marketing directors and meet on a regular basis to discuss new system enhancements and opportunities to increase sales.

 How does the MCS team support the company? 

MCS is all about converting leads. Our call center application (OTS) assists our agents in turning interested leads into happy clients. Efolks manages and monetizes affiliate leads and our marketing campaigns. The performance of these affiliates and campaigns is managed in our tracking applications (LETS/CRETS).

MCS also provides a variety of web services that are consumed by our UI team to support Progrexion web sites and landing pages. We also provide a variety of personalities to enjoy: from stickler to barbarian.

In what ways does your job impact the credit space? 

MCS applications help make that critical connection between someone having a hard time with their credit, and products that can get them the help that they need.

 What was the most memorable project you contributed to for Progrexion in the past 6 months?

We were able to write IWC from the ground up using a service based architecture that makes the code much more maintainable and enjoyable to work on moving forward. The project proved to be a great collaborative experience between MCS and our call center colleagues, and provided a much better sales experience.

List 3-5 words that can explain your department?

Marketing application development gladiators.

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Industry Impact

Map of U.S.A Progrexion Impact

One of the critical factors in Progrexion’s innovation is participating in industry events, conferences, and trainings nationwide. The Progrexion team creates a competitive advantage by staying up to speed with the latest technologies and methodologies available, and then driving tests and initiatives to leverage new approaches back at the office.

Adobe Test & Target Training

San Francisco, CA

Taylor Kenney

I attended a 3 day training for Adobe Target in San Francisco. This training provided detailed, hands-on instruction in regards to how to use the Target Classic interface and laid the groundwork so that we could achieve a working knowledge of how to plan, build, and execute A/B and multivariate testing campaigns, as well as how to correctly read and interpret test results.

Google Think

Riverside, CA

Josh Aston

From cardboard glasses that act as a virtual reality device to a speaker that came in on roller-skates, Google never disappoints. More than ever, as consumers we expect what we want, when and where we want it. Our lives are full of “moments” and not all moments are created equally. As Marketers, it is our job to either create those moments or to be a critical participant of those moments. If we can be there at the right moment, we can transcend the persuasion of even the largest brands by stealing the moment with the consumer.

 Joint Statistical Meeting

Seattle, WA

Tyler Larrabee, Natalie Johnson

From August 9th – 12th, the Marketing Analytics team had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, Washington to attend the 2015 JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings) conference. JSM is the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America. While there, Natalie and Tyler had the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops about how to conduct better analysis and make use of cutting edge statistical software.

Site Visit

Phoenix, AZ

JR Curtis, Jesse Beal

Jesse and I traveled to Phoenix during the hottest week of the year to make sure that the Phoenix call center hadn’t melted. We were extremely impressed by how much the call center had grown and how good everything looked. We also visited some key partners that gave us some valuable face to face time to discuss optimization opportunities and future growth.

Site Visit

Phoenix, AZ

Sable Petersen

Speaking at the Client Services Movie Day in Phoenix, the final stop after presenting to agents that represent multiple brands.

Testimonial Visit

Austin, TX

Sable Petersen, Marianne Barnes

We had a phenomenal response from members and clients in Austin, TX. Scheduling two full filming days, we were able to capture the stories and experiences consumers have with the brands. Joined by the offline team, our group totaled 12 people.

Vendor Visit

Austin, TX

Talmage Call, Vanessa Kerr

Talmage and Vanessa joined the brand team in Austin for the member testimonial shoot. It was very valuable for us to be involved in as it inspired many creative ideas for the Offline Channel.  We also met with our radio agency Hybrid.

Affiliate Summit East

New York City, NY

Stan Bonnemort, Liz Helm, JR Curtis, Bradford Davis, Thomas Ablao

On August 2, 2015, the Progrexion Marketing team attended the yearly Affiliate Summit Conference in New York City.  Once at the show, I was quickly reminded why we should always attend industry conferences.  As a growing company, Progrexion’s presence is a sign of strength and prosperity. In the online Marketing world, new companies are always being established or quickly dissolving.  Representing Progrexion at these shows reinforces our growth and stability with current and new partners.  Not to mention, current partners and myself, love to interact face to face to speak about business and personal life.  Human interaction is a must in any business.


New York City, NY

Stan Bonnemort, Reagan Nickl, JR Curtis, Jesse Beal

LeadsCon NY is an incredible opportunity to establish Progrexion’s visibility and credibility within a growing industry and market. This particular trip proved fruitful as members of the Strategic Partnership team travelled to the Big Apple and looked to build new relationships, while strengthening existing ones.

The team met with existing relationships and discovered opportunities to grow in call volume and lead quality with such partners as, Rate Special, Rocket Daddy, Help Renters, AmOne, Lending Tree, and several others. The team also took time to reach out and meet with new potential partnerships such as, LendKey, Prospect Mortgage, LoanMe, Quantcast, and Inside Sales Lab.

The convention provides unique circumstances to discover and build opportunities that will aid in the achievement of Progrexion’s objectives and mission. With the opportunities that were discovered, the Partnership team looks forward to next year’s show.



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