Who do you think you are?

Five years ago our core marketing team was in disarray. Unbeknownst to the other members of the core team, all other team members were out looking for a new opportunity. Our work had lost meaning. We had lost vision and our strategic outlook had degraded to the point we were only looking out a few weeks or months, at best. Bottom line, we all hated our professional lives. Work was no longer fun and the results lacked the deep, down to the core, inspiration that gets you up in the morning.


What happened next was a surprise catalyst – one of the core team members came into my office and gave her notice. At the moment she told me, I couldn’t blame her and I didn’t really know what to say to her in response. It took me about 30 minutes to realize that we needed to fight to keep her onboard. Not only did we need to fight to keep her, but we need to wake up internally as a team. The notice given by 1 team member was indicative of a much deeper problem within the entire department. Read More

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Progrexion’s Industry Impact

In 2014, Progrexion marketing and teleservices team took jet setting to a whole new level, to learn about the latest trends in the industry. Take a look at the conferences and trainings our team members were able to participate in!



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So you know it all, now what?

In 1935, the mathematical world took an epic step forward with the publication of The Design of Experiments by the British statistician Ronald Fisher. Until such time, the world seemed too big to make reasonable assumptions of fact. How could you know how many people lived in a country if you couldn’t count every single person? How could you know how much coal a mine shaft could yield if you hadn’t smashed through all the rocks? Questions like these formed the foundation of the now universally accepted concepts of statistical sampling and related inferences that could be drawn for the total population. This giant step forward meant we could design tests to make reasonable estimates about the whole while only examining one of its parts.


Since 1935, countless contributions in the fields of statistics, computer science, mathematics, physical sciences, and medicine (among others) have dramatically improved our ability to make statistically valid inferences based on an examination of samples. But at its core, the world of Fishersonian statistics (often called “frequentist statistics”), has been predicated on the simple premise of estimation from pieces of the whole pie. Read More

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Introducing Tyler North – Website and UX Manager

I feel like I need no introduction. Not because I am special, fantastic, skilled or humble, but because I have sent each of you the responsive report email every morning for the past 4½ months. Yep that is me who brightens your mornings. In case there is any doubt, the gap is closing.


As the Website and UX Manager I not only report on the key metrics. I also manage changes to the site to improve those metrics and user experience while on the site. I love my job! I have a few years of experience improving experience and marketing across websites and internal systems.

I had a strange introduction to marketing. While in college at the University of Utah (best school on the planet), I learned to love business and found an interest in how businesses grew or adversely became obsolete. I planned on majoring in Marketing until my first Marketing class. Maybe it was just the professor but I felt like the premise of marketing was deceit and trickery to get a sale. I was turned off and switched my major. Read More

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Why It Pays to Hire a Lawyer

I’ve always considered myself to be an upright member of society- a responsible citizen. So imagine my surprise, just a few months ago, when my city filed a charge against me for something I didn’t do. The charge was minimal, and the fines were something I could certainly handle, but I didn’t feel right about passively accepting my unjust fate. I notified the court that I wanted to fight the ticket and a few, short weeks later, I was at a bench trial fighting for my justice.shutterstock_105579614

I had researched a bit about the legal system, but there weren’t many resources out there specific to my situation. I considered hiring a lawyer to aid in my defense, but due to the low cost of the ticket, it just didn’t make financial sense. Once the trial was underway, I was immediately lost in a sea of judicial jargon. I almost regretted taking the time to go to court and definitely wished I had someone on my side- someone to fight for me. Read More

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The Importance of Perspective in Marketing

When I was in 8th grade, my Jr. High put on the production of Fiddler on the Roof. I had such a significant role in it that I didn’t even come out for half of my cues. My parents wouldn’t even have noticed me not being there. But something stuck out from that recently. In the play Fiddler on the Roof the opening song is a very spirited number titled “Tradition!” In this song, Tevye the main character is singing about all of the traditions of the town, and says this….


“And among ourselves, we get along perfectly well. Of course, there was the time when he sold him a horse, but delivered a mule, but that’s all settled now. Now we live in simple peace and harmony and…”

After he sings this line, the townsfolk all start arguing if it was a horse or a mule, until the half the town is shouting back and forth, voicing their opinions as to what they believe it to be. Where am I getting to with all of this? I thought you’d never ask.

The Dress. Read More

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