Asking For Help – Weakness or Strength?

Every interaction in our life is unique to us because of the perception that we view the interaction from. What makes this very interesting is that the standpoint you perceive from can change in a split second. One minute I may be a confident person in a good mood that looks at an interaction as a positive exchange. This same interaction could happen in a moment where I am uncomfortable or exposed and be looked at as negative or frustrating. This makes everything we do unpredictable and sometimes challenging.


If predicting how our own perception of something is difficult to do and hard to grasp, why do we have a tendency of assuming how someone else will perceive us? This is something people struggle with in a work environment. Do we think about the conversations that we are going to have and try to predict how the person is going to react? I think we assume so much about what they will think of us or of what we are saying that it often times causes a loss of confidence or a lapse in judgment. Read More

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Email – Why Complicate Something Simple?

Is bigger always better? I say no, especially when it comes to email. It’s been my experience that there are times to be longwinded and times to get to right to the point, and email is a time to get right to the point.IMG_1214

Just think for a minute about how many marketing emails you receive each day. Of those emails how many do you even open? Of those that you open how many do you read all the way through? You get the idea. What I’m getting at is that all too often marketers feel like they need to take an entire sales process and make it fit into a consumer’s inbox.

So let’s discuss some simple steps to keep your emails short, sweet, and direct. Read More

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Edge Animate – The Next Best Thing

As designers, we are always looking for the next best thing to bring our creative thoughts to life. As Samsung would say, “the next best thing is here” and it’s not the galaxy s5. It’s Edge Animate! edge

Edge is an Adobe product used primarily for designers who want to create an array of interactive HTML animations/graphics for the world wide web. Edge is amazing because of the fact that it is supported in all modern browsers! Even us Android people can see the graphics and animations on all different sizes of our screens! Brilliant.

Here are some advantages for creating animated graphics in Edge: Read More

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Introducing Ian Gillette – Direct Response Marketing Testing Coordinator

Ian Blog PicMy name is Ian Gillette. No, my father does not own the Gillette shaving company. That would be pretty cool if he did though. Free razors for life! I am the Direct Response Marketing Testing Coordinator. I have been with Progrexion since November 3rd, about 4 months now. 4 months in, I can actually understand most conversations. I can’t tell you how lost I was listening to people in the office carry on conversations about ZPCs and E5’s and I would just look and smile. Google couldn’t even help me with that. Yes, I did Google it.

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Progrexion’s Legal Spotlight

How does your team interact with the marketing department?

Our team works closely with the marketing department by reviewing and approving all marketing contracts and press releases, providing affiliate and partner compliance oversight, and ensuring that our telesales are compliant.

Who are the members of Progexion’s legal team?

Tim Emery, SVP and General Counsel – February 5, 2009

Mark Shaffer, Senior Attorney – May 31, 2011

Paula Teets, Project Manager – April 12, 2011

Erin Stauffer, Paralegal – September 18, 2014

Gavin Van Wagnor, Senior Director, Compliance – April 1, 2001

Roy Collins, Manager, Compliance Process – August 27, 2012 Read More

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