3 Affiliate Predictions for 2015

With 2015 upon us, here are three predictions that will come to pass this year in the Affiliate Marketing space.shutterstock_176346959

1. Affiliate Nexus Laws will continue to pop up, irritate, and require diligent resistance. Vermont’s “Poison Pill” of requiring 15 states to enact similar laws is on its way, with multiple states introducing or re-introducing legislation during their respective sessions.

  1. This will require retailers and merchants to be de facto tax collectors or dramatically alter (and in many cases sever) their relationship with affiliates.
  2. It remains to be seen the value to the states that are driving these through, but we all know the big box retailers are the ones benefitting.
  3. Getting to know who to send an email/letter/phone call to in your state is worth the time, odds are you will need to reach out.

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Paid Search Targeting in 2015

Now that 2014 is in the books and we are a few weeks into January, what do we have to look forward to in 2015? PPC continues to grow and to get more complex. New updates, more levers to pull, more platforms, more targeting options, etc. For 2015 I am expecting to move beyond keywords and into deeper and more customized targeting and along with that will come the need for automation.ppc

We all have a ton on our plates with busy schedules and high goals; with so many tasks demanding our attention, the need to focus on automation and into understanding who the customer is, is growing exponentially. With keyword competition becoming more expensive, what else can we be doing to grow our channel? There is feed based advertising (which I won’t go into), there’s Dynamic Targeting, and Audience Targeting that can all help expend beyond just the keyword. Read More

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Watching Super Bowl XLIX Can Improve Your Marketing

Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

The Seattle Seahawks are defending their Super Bowl championship after their comeback win against the Green Bay Packers over the weekend. Their fake field goal attempt put them back into the game and led to an overtime thriller. The New England Patriots owned their playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts and this will be their sixth trip to the big game in the Brady-Belichick era and their eighth overall. So why should you watch? The hope for many fans is that it will be an entertaining game and even more importantly, entertaining commercials! Here are a few reasons why you should watch the game on February 1st and a few fun facts to learn along the way. Read More

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