The Marketer with the Golden Gun


Like most men who were teenagers during the 90’s, I fondly remember wasting hour, upon hour, upon hour blasting away my friends in the Nintendo 64 version of GoldenEye 007. In this multiplayer, first-person shooter, players hunt each other down inside a maze of warehouses, abandoned buildings, and nuclear silos using familiar James Bond heroes and villains. Throughout the game, Bond characters discovered different weapons and gadgetry placed randomly throughout the playing field, which could be employed to eliminate opponents. These gadgets ranged from grenades, to shotguns, to sniper rifles, but the most coveted of all weapons was the infamous golden gun. A single shot from the golden gun would instantly kill an opponent and send them respawning somewhere else on the playing field.

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How Progrexion Uses the Enneagram


Progrexion places value on both personal and professional growth. As a team, we’ve worked the last few quarters to identify our personality types as well as understand the other personality types that we work with. We’ve done this in a few different settings and using a few different methods, but a simple way to self-identify is using the Enneagram test ( There are nine “Types” and each type has unique qualities and traits and act certain ways  in stress and in health. I’ve learned more about myself and about the people I interact with both at home and at work by gaining this self-awareness. Read More

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Three Misconceptions of Offline Marketing


1) All TV and radio advertising is expensive.

TV and radio ads can be expensive.  A 30-second TV spot for this year’s Super Bowl ad will cost 4 million dollars.  But not all spots sale at full retail price.  Think of the clearance rack at your favorite department store or the almost expired package of beef at the neighborhood grocery store. Well, there is the same type of offer when buyshutterstock_163882400ing media- commonly referred to as “remnant buys” in the media world.  Leftover inventory that was never sold can be picked up last minute for a fraction of retail price.  There is also the option of a “PI” or per inquiry deal that can help hedge risk by paying the buyer for every call they generate for your company.  So don’t be scared away from radio and TV just because Super Bowl ads are expensive.

 2) Radio is dead

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Introducing Online Affiliate Coordinator, Brittany Brackenbury


I moved from my home, in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an 18 year old to pursue a career in business. Six years, and a few adventures later, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Business Management (Marketing) degree, but I wasn’t always so convinced that marketing was what I really wanted to do. I was blessed with an adventurous spirit and tried my hand at some odd jobs during my education. In the past two years, I have worked in both a Trauma-1 Emergency Room and as an Alaskan tour bus driver. I feed off of energy and excitement, so sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day hasn’t always been the most enticing idea. Pair that with full-time employment (AKA not much time for travels) and a business career made me truly scared to grow up. Read More

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A Handy Guide to Corporate Lifestyle aka Progrexion Life


IMG_1767 copy

So you landed yourself a sweet digital marketing job, congratulations! Digital marketing is a great field and can be a very fast paced and rewarding career, but now what?

This first of the series will talk about apparel. An old cliché says…

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

But I have the job I want. So what do I do? Well you are in luck! Here is a daily guide to dressing in the office that will not only provide you the fast track to the next promotion but also the admiration of your coworkers and partners alike. Read More

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